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The Galaxy S24 Is Just Start. Here’s What Else Samsung May Launch 2024



The Galaxy S24 shows for the first time Samsung’s a vision of how to use generative AI on smartphones. But Samsung’s Galaxy The S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra are just three of the big new mobile products we expect the company to launch in 2024, all of which are likely to include AI in some way.

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Generative Artificial intelligence, or AI, which is trained to create new content based on data based on prompts, is taking the tech industry by storm in 2023. Samsung is no exception; in November it announces its own generative AI model. And In January the company launched the Galaxy S24 series – the first phones to feature the company’s Galaxy suite of AI features.

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Samsung Not just mobile phones and wearables; product range includes TVs, monitors, laptops and home appliances. But Samsung has a significant impact on the mobile phone market as one of the two dominant players accounts for the majority of global smartphone shipments. Its Galaxy The S launch is typically the first major smartphone launch of the year and sets the tone for what to expect in 2024.

Like Many technology companies Samsung tend to launch new smartphones and smartwatches every year. While Because only Samsung knows exactly which new Galaxy products will be released and when, educated guesses can be made based on the company’s release patterns over the past few years.

For For example, Samsung the product year typically starts sometime in the first quarter with the release of a new version of its flagship S phone Galaxy , while a new foldable phone typically launches in late summer.

Now Galaxy The S24 has arrived, and these are the other new mobile products we expect Samsung to launch based on the company’s typical release cycle, reports and leaks.


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Galaxy Ring

Photo of a smart ring Photo of a smart ring

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

Samsung Sold There are smartwatches and wireless headphones this year, but the tech giant is branching out into a new genre: smart rings. The The company launched its first smart ring, called Galaxy Ring, during its January Unpacked event and then demonstrated it on Mobile World Congress in February. While Not much is said about the ring other than confirming its existence. The main focus is health monitoring. It’s Reasonable use cases for such devices.

For example, The Oura rings have two major advantages over smartwatches: It’s They are more discreet, more compact, and easier to wear at night. And Due to the lack of a screen, it has a much longer battery life than a smartwatch. Based on my conversations with Both VP and Head of Digital Health Team, Mobile Experience Business, Samsung’s of these features appear to be consistent with the thinking behind Hon Pak launching its own health tracking ring. ).

“Samsung Electronics People want a simpler form factor, and Some Ring represents that,” [the] said, adding that Ring can passively measure health metrics without requiring the level of commitment required by a watch. “Pak Then it has to be stylish, comfortable, have a long battery life. And Those are the attributes we’re looking at.”

I also tried out a prototype of the ring and saw it come in three colors: silver, dark gray and gold. And Colleague My also viewed Katie Collins and learned that battery size may vary based on ring size. Galaxy Ring Overall, it looks similar to the So ring, but we’ll have to wait to find out more. Oura A55 5G

Galaxy A54 5G

The Galaxy A54 5G The Galaxy A54 5G

The Galaxy/CNET

Andrew Lanxon The A-series phones aren’t as well-known as the company’s

Samsung’s Galaxy S devices. Galaxy They offer advanced features such as multi-lens cameras and high refresh rate screens at a lower price. But, keep in mind that they often compromise on certain aspects, such as performance and camera quality.

However usually releases new versions of its Samsung A phones in Galaxy, for example March A54 5G will be released in 2023, Galaxy A53 5G will be released in 2022. Galaxy I don’t know much about the rumored We A55 yet, but Galaxy reports say the phone will run on a Android Headlines 1480 processor and will be available in three colors: Samsung’s Exynos blue , navy blue and purple.

Ice To the blog According, the phone will feature a 50-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera, a 5-megapixel macro camera, and a 32-megapixel selfie camera. The Galaxy Club macro camera is a key That differentiator between the Samsung A series and its pricier Galaxy S phones, which have telephoto cameras instead of macro lenses.

Galaxy The biggest question is whether The the A55 has AI capabilities since it runs a weaker processor than the Galaxy S series. Galaxy It is possible Galaxy to include only It’s AI features that require cloud processing rather than on-device processing. Samsung Z Galaxy 6

Galaxy Z Flip 5 Shown is the half-open state. The

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 5 pictured half-open against a wall of colorful cassette tapes. Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 5 pictured half-open against a wall of colorful cassette tapes.

Samsung’s Galaxy/CNETFlip Z

Lisa Eadicicco 5 is a significant improvement over the

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4, thanks in large part to a larger coverage screen, seamless design, and improved cameras. Galaxy Rumor has it that the Z Flip 6 may build on the Z The 5 and include the typical upgrades like a new processor and perhaps more software features that take advantage of the foldable design. According to a report from the blog Galaxy, the Flip Z Flip 6 may come with a 50-megapixel main camera sensor, which would be a major improvement over the Galaxy Club Z Galaxy 5’s 12-megapixel main camera sensor.

Flip Also: Galaxy I Flip to See if Visited Samsung’s Home Turf The company also typically builds the same chips from its flagship S series See into the Foldable Phones Are Really Z Future

The. , so it is possible that it adopts the same AI tricks as the Galaxy S24 series. Galaxy Additional AI capabilities can also be added that are optimized specifically for Flip Z Galaxy designs, such as But Samsung-Galaxy, Flip’s Executive Vice President of Mobile Experience Business and Head of R&D Office, in a recent CNET interview hint. Won Of course, this is all just speculation at this point; we won’t know for sure until Joon Choi an announcement is made.

Samsung’s New Of Z Samsung phones are typically released during Samsung, although the Z Galaxy 5 was released during Flip earlier this year. August Z Flip 6July Z

Galaxy 5Fold/CNET

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 phone showing the camera lenses The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 phone showing the camera lenses

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Z

Rich Peterson,

Like The newest Galaxy Z Flip also usually arrives later in the summer time frame. Samsung’s Little information is available about Z Galaxy’s next steps. Fold A recent patent shows a device that looks very similar to the Rumors Z Fold with an S But slot Galaxy Fold The next book-shaped foldable device is finally There’s a place to store it. There’s a pen. Pen Can make has generated speculation Z Samsung’s 6 more useful as a productivity device.
That In a Galaxy previous Fold Z Based release, the Z Samsung’s 6 will likely have a new processor similar to the Galaxy S24, some new software features and a slightly improved design. Fold As with the next Fold Z Galaxy, we may see the introduction of And AI and perhaps other new features designed specifically for the Z Galaxy. Flip We may have to wait until summer to find out for sure. Galaxy Series 7 Fold and workout tracking are generally a big focus of But.

Galaxy Watch/CNET

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Health We don’t know Samsung’s Galaxy Watch what’s next for the smartwatch range, and we can assume that health tracking will continue to be a big deal.

Screenshot Focused on sleep; it even does what it claims

While by studying the sleeping habits of Samsung’s users around the world. Samsung Sleep statistics will also become a focus of the company’s smartwatches with the 2023 UI 5 one of the largest single health sleep studies ever software update.

Galaxy Health Also introduced is a new health metric that evaluates your physical and mental performance based on factors such as sleep, activity, resting heart rate and heart rate variability during your most recent Samsung’s One activity Watch. Samsung It can be assumed that this will come into play in the future Unpacked.

The biggest changes between My Vitality Score, We 5 and Galaxy Watches 6 are software, screen and battery life, as my colleague Otherwise wrote in her review. Galaxy Watch Maybe Galaxy Watch a similar approach could be taken with Lexy Savvides 7’s hardware. It’s Given the company’s focus on AI, it wouldn’t be surprising if some Samsung AI features are integrated into the next Galaxy Watch. Given 3Galaxy 2 Galaxy Watch.

Galaxy Buds/CNET

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 offer an improved design Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 offer an improved design

Samsung Galaxy Buds A “Fan Edition” Pro pair is launching in 2023, but the regular and pro versions have been available for a while.

David Carnoy 2

Samsung arrives in Galaxy Buds 2022, The Galaxy Buds 2 arrives in Pro 2021. August Both pairs of earbuds received high marks from CNET for their comfortable design and good sound quality, with room for improvement.

For example, Galaxy Buds 2 August features are only available on While phones, which may limit their appeal to other David Carnoy phone users. Some Galaxy Buds Regular Pro2 has a lower waterproof rating of IPX2. Galaxy, Android The next generation And fixes these and other shortcomings. Galaxy BudsfoldableHopefully unveiled its display concept at CES 2023. Samsung’s/CNETGalaxy Buds There are a lot of ideas for what’s next for foldable phones, but its futuristic concepts haven’t turned into actual products yet.

New Galaxy For example, at CES 2024, a concept device similar to the

Samsung Z

David Katzmaier was unveiled that can bend in either direction. For example, previously at CES 2023,

Samsung launched At, which features a tablet-sized screen that expands to provide more screen real estate. Galaxy is just one of several concepts Flip demonstrated over the years; in addition, prototypes of mobile devices have been developed that can flex like an accordion in multiple areas.

And The company has not yet revealed when or if these concepts will be available. Samsung Shipments of foldable phones are expected to increase, although they represent only a small portion of today’s mobile market. Flex Hybrid Foldable phone shipments are expected to grow 43.9% in 2023 compared to 2022, according to market research firm That’s. Samsung In The all photos But VR headsets Worldwide VR headsets in 2017. International Data Corporation/CNET

Samsung Concept Flip Phone Lets You Bend It It’s a busy time for mixed reality. Both Directions

See The first headset called

Galaxy launched this year, while

Samsung Gear VR 2017 Samsung Gear VR 2017

Samsung’s Gear the

Sarah Tew 3 will launch in 2023, and

It’s the PlayStation VR 2. Apple Mixed reality plans remain largely a secret.
Vision Pro, Meta and Quest are working on a mixed reality project, although we haven’t heard much about it since the three companies announced their collaboration in 2023 Sony. But Samsung’s We may do this. For more information, visit the Samsung likely Qualcomm S24 launch event, as this will likely take place around a year after the partnership was announced.
Google No mention of whether any specific mixed reality products, such as new headsets, are in development.

“February It’s more of a declarative statement about how we’re going to build the XR ecosystem right,” T.M. It’s Mobility Division President Samsung’s said through a translator in Galaxy a 2023 interview with CNET.

Samsung We don’t yet know what the company’s plans for mixed reality are. It’s In another CNET interview Roh it was hinted that mobile phones will play a large role in the experience.

“Samsung’s In the short term, maybe many of the features or experiences of February mixed reality will be associated with Although smartphones,” he said.

Roh Learn more about July 2024 product plans. So Given the direction the tech industry is heading, it seems clear that artificial intelligence will be a big part of the future. [in]: [the]


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