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Meizu MYVU Ring rolled out, touts seamless AR experience; know what this smart ring brings

Technological advancements have moved ahead to the next step now. From the introduction of smartwatches, the tech world is now buzzing with the introduction of smart rings. Various tech brands including Oura, Pi, and more have already introduced smart rings and others like Samsung are looking to do so too. Meizu, the Chinese electronics giant, made waves at its Autumn Unbounded Ecological Conference with the introduction of its groundbreaking wearable – the Meizu MYVU Ring, which touts augmented reality capabilities. As part of the newly unveiled MYVU brand, the smart ring was introduced with the MYVU Discovery AR smart glasses. Check here to know more about this smart ring.

Meizu MYVU Ring

According to a report by GizmoChina, the MYVU Ring merges ceramic and stainless steel. The smart ring comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating. The company claims that this remarkable resilience ensures the smart ring can withstand everyday elements, including rain, splashes, and even submersion. Users will not have to worry about whether the ring will fit their fingers as the MYVU Ring caters to a diverse range of finger sizes – it comes in sizes between 17mm to 22mm.

What sets the MYVU Ring apart is its intuitive gesture control capability. It serves as an extension of the MYVU Discovery AR glasses. This smart ring empowers users to control music playback, navigate videos, respond to messages, and execute various tasks with simple finger movements. The goal is to provide a seamless AR experience without requiring users to remove their glasses.

The MYVU Discovery AR glasses themselves offer a rich array of interaction methods, including touch interaction, application interaction, and Aicy voice interaction. In effect, the harnessing of AR technology allows smart ring and glasses ussers to engage in the most natural and convenient way possible to derive the information they are looking for or complete a task.

Price and availability

The combination of the MYVU Ring and Discovery AR glasses results in a in immersive AR experience, revolutionizing the way users interact with their digital surroundings. The MYVU Ring is priced at CNY 399 ($56) in China. It is now available for order from Meizu’s official site. It’s important to note that the smart ring functions as an accessory to the MYVU Discovery AR glasses, and they are interconnected.

While the products were initially launched in the Chinese market, there are currently no signs of its sale in other countries. Meizu’s MYVU brand signifies a bold step towards advancing AR technology. While MYVU smart ring has been launched, Samsung and others are expected to follow soon with their products.



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