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Alexa Echo Show 5 Launch, A Step Ahead On Privacy

Amazon Alexa Echo Show 5, A Step Ahead On Privacy
Amazon Alexa Echo Show 5, A Step Ahead On Privacy

Alexa Echo Show 5, a new member in Amazon Echo Family has arrived. The Echo Show 5 is priced at ₹8,999 in India and launching on 18th July 2019. The new Echo Show 5 is smaller than the Echo Show and priced much lower than it. Moreover, Echo Show 5 is bigger in size than Echo Spot which is round in shape. The price of Echo Spot much higher due to its display shape. On the other hand, Echo Show 5 got a huge cut in the price due its standard rectangular display.

Echo Show 5 is priced at ₹8,999
Echo Show 5 is priced at ₹8,999

Amazon Echo Show 5 Features

Echo Show 5 Comes with two different colors; sandstone and charcoal. It has Display size of 5.5″ with 960 x 480 resolution, 1MP Camera and 1.65″ Speaker. Additionally, it has a Built-in camera shutter and microphone/camera off button. But this time, Amazon has put visible shutter switch which physically covers the Camera. There is no fiddling with the device to make sure the camera is not working when you need some privacy. Otherwise, the camera works great with Alexa Drop-in feature and Skype.

Echo Show 5 Specs: The Display and Camera
Echo Show 5 Specs: The Display and Camera
Echo Show 5 Specs: The Buttons and Connectivity
Echo Show 5 Specs: The Buttons and Connectivity

New Echo Show 5 can show your favourite TV shows on Amazon Prime Video or stream music videos from Music streaming services. Further, enjoy music from Amazon Prime Music, Saavn, Gaana, Hungama. Meanwhile, your kids can get entertained with skills like Chu Chu TV, Chhota Bheem etc.

Though, the display seems to be crowded due to its smaller size compared to Echo Show, it is justifiable considering the price point it has. Similar to the Echo Show, this new device also support Facebook Photos and you can customize your home screen with it. The sound quality is slightly better than Echo Dot 3.

Privacy in Echo Show 5

On Echo Show, you can turn the camera and microphone off with one press of a button. On Echo Show 5, the built-in shutter also lets you easily cover the camera.

You can also view, hear, and delete your voice recordings at Alexa Privacy Settings or in the Alexa app at any time. To delete by voice, you can also say,

“Alexa, delete everything I said today.”

Along with this product announcement, Amazon has created a Alexa Privacy Hub, a web portal(also available in Alexa App) to respond to the privacy concerns tied to Alexa Ecosystem. It contains all the tutorials, videos and guides to make the setup, Privacy Settings for the Alexa enabled devices and a detailed FAQ. It also complies to European GDPR rules, as per Amazon.

The Echo Show 5 shipment starts from 18th July in India and it is priced at ₹8,999. You can Order now for ₹6,999.

Source: The Verge

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