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Sony upgrades Media Technology Centre with latest broadcast products for UHD, IP Remote production

Sony Media Technology Centre (SMTC) offers the content creation industry a one-stop resource related to state-of-the-art technologies and end-to-end production workflow solutions. SMTC which is based out of Whistling Woods International, Mumbai offers training, seminars, special events, and other services for industry professionals. This includes broadcasters, system integrators, WWIL Students and Sony partners. This symbolises Sony’s efforts to contribute to the content creation industry by bringing the culture of technology and imaging to the next generation. With the Sony Media Technology Center, Sony has made a long-term commitment to taking a more active role in enhancement of Skills of Content Creators and Broadcast Professionals and the filmmaking community.How the upgraded SMTC is better
The upgraded SMTC will be a showcase for Sony’s “Networked Live” which is designed to transform production workflows. It includes Nevion Virtuoso a key component of Networked Live which provides functionality to the Media transport and Hybrid Processing & Operations building blocks and VideoIPath which is a comprehensive orchestration and SDN control system. IP technology can revolutionise live production workflows, making them nimbler and allowing resources (studios, control rooms, equipment and people) to be shared within and across locations – effectively enabling remote and distributed production.

Additionally, SMTC will be equipped with Sony’s new Venice 2 full-frame motion picture camera, already accepted by production professionals as a new standard for cinematography along with other Cinema Line-up models like FX9, FX6, and FX3 with G Master Lenses. The facility also features a theatre equipped for screenings of 4K content using Sony digital cinema projectors.

What the company has to say
Mikio Kita, Vice President, Media Solution Business, Sony Corporation said “SMTC is Sony’s first and only such facility in India, and the fourth such facility in the world, preceded only by USA, UK & China. SMTC previously relaunched in India in 2016 and since then, SMTC has been providing training to all leading media professionals and students of WWI. With this collaboration between SMTC and WWI, the first phase of 4K cinema market development has been established successfully. With IP Remote Production becoming critical tools especially in Sports broadcasting fields, SMTC will act as a great platform for aspiring industry professionals.”

At the same time the upgraded facility will showcase our latest UHD technologies to support industry 4K production and help our regional broadcasters plan the HD migration.

The new centre is home to some of the finest products catering to the entertainment and broadcasting industry and content creators.


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