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LinkedIn introduces AI chatbot to help find jobs quickly; Know how it aids job seekers

As the wave of layoffs around the world continues, LinkedIn is making strides in helping people get jobs easily and quickly. Being one of the premier social media platforms that can help find jobs, LinkedIn is heavily betting on artificial intelligence (AI). The platform has now introduced an AI chatbot powered by OpenAI’s technology that can give job seekers an advantage by offering advice.

LinkedIn AI chatbot

As per a Wired report, LinkedIn’s latest AI chatbot uses generative AI to advise users whether they’re a good fit for a particular job, and even provides some sort of an insider information. It can be found under the job listings tab on LinkedIn and is marked with a sparkle emoji. Users can ask the AI chatbot a variety of questions related to the role, including the job description, responsibilities, benefits, and work culture. 

In fact, users can even ask something as simple as “Am I a good fit for the role?”  Then, the AI chatbot goes through company profiles and other information available to provide the necessary information in bulleted points.

But why has LinkedIn rolled out this new AI product? It is because “job hunting sucks”, according to Rohan Rajiv, a director of product management at LinkedIn. Speaking to Wired, Rajiv likened job hunting to climbing a really high wall, where one is unable to see what’s on the other side. Rajiv said, “You’re really hoping that you can reach out to the other side of the wall and figure out: What are my chances here? What is it like to work there?”

Other AI features

This AI chatbot is just one of the several AI features that have been rolled out by LinkedIn in the last few months. It recently introduced an AI-powered feature that makes introducing yourself to others or asking about them easier. This feature, only available to LinkedIn Premium users, leverages the power of AI to help draft a message. It pulls in information from both your profile and the person you are looking to chat with, irrespective of whether they’re in or outside your network. Users can choose whether to introduce themselves or ask about their current or previous work experience.

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