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Earn Google Play Credits From Google Opinion Rewards App

Google Opinion Rewards App

Earn Google Play Credits in your free time by completing Google Surveys. We all have opinion about almost everything. Get rewarded for those opinions you have for anything precisely, things Google is interested to know. Google Opinion Rewards App will give you some bucks for your opinions which are easy to follow in your spare time.

You may come across surveys about YouTube video suggestions for you, Your recent Google Map Check-Ins, Apps suggestion in Google Play or even information related to your personal details. Though, it’s up to you decide opt-in to give your information about yourself, Google rewards will be high if you do. You can earn Google Play credits 3 to 10 times more money than normal if the survey is related to your income, age group, assets, job, business, location etc. You will receive occasional survey notifications once install the Google Opinion Rewards App. Complete the survey before it expires. #GooglePlay #GoogleOpinionRewards.

Earn Google Play Credits To Buy Apps And Subscriptions

The money you earn will be instantly credited to your Google Play account. You can use this money to purchase Games and Apps from Google Play Store. Likewise, use your Google Play credits to subscribe Google Play Music or YouTube Music as well. Some third party apps may support Google Play credits and most of the In-App purchases are done with Google Play credits.

Download the Google Opinion Reward App from Google Play Store. After sign-up you may not see any survey notifications; give it sometime. Once you get a notification, complete that survey and credits will be shown in the home page itself.

Google Opinion Rewards App Home Page
Google Opinion Rewards App Home Page

If you want to check the recent history of credits, open the Side Navigation Panel and select Reward History.

Google Opinion Rewards Credits History
Google Opinion Rewards Credits History

How To Check Your Google Play Balance

Option 1: There are other methods to check your Google Play credits. One way is checking your Google Play Account Balance in Google Accounts/Payments Center. You can also manage your Credit/Debit cards, UPI payment option in this website page.

Navigate to Google Payment Center to view your Google Play credit balance

Option 1: Google Play Balance can be checked directly from the Google Play Store App itself. Open the Sidebar Navigation Panel and select the Payment Methods from the menu.

Select Payment Methods from Google Play Navigation Sidebar

The Payment Methods page will show the available credit balance as well as options to Add/Manage other payment methods.

Check your Google Play Credit Balance from within Google Play Store App

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