Referral Codes For Indian Apps – Earn Money When You Sign Up

Invite And Earn - Referral Codes For Indian Apps
Invite And Earn – Referral Codes For Indian Apps

Referral codes are assigned to each account by the mobile apps and online services to allow users to earn money or equivalent credits when they share it with friends and others. It is a win-win strategy equally good for users and brands. The invite code system implemented in most online services and apps allow new brands expand their reach rapidly. The discounts provided through these referral code are considered as branding cost which is good way of marketing. Instead of spending money on traditional marketing methods, giving money back to the loyal customers seems to be a profound strategy to count on.


On the other hand, existing customers get a chance to promote their favourite app or service and earn money by using their referral code or invite link. The users definitely get benefitted using these referral codes or invite codes as they get try the services almost free for the first time or at least they get some portion of what they pay.

Referral Codes

Here are some referral codes for your favourite app to get started. More invite codes will be added time to time. Do not forget to check back later.

ZomatoSHAM7846350% OffLINK
Google Pay560K2 ₹51LINK
Daily Fishrefc131089₹100LINK
Ubershamnadt37uiFree RideLINK
Amazon Pay UPI2jnkCClVaryLINK
Quick RideNNVO65 ₹50LINK
PhonePeUSE LINK ₹1000 max.LINK
1mgYJOM69 ₹150LINK

Comment below if have any app suggestion or referral code for your favourite app not listed. Keep checking this page for frequent updates. You can also bookmark this page for easy access.

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