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AI-powered Instant Slow-Mo feature, exclusive to Samsung Galaxy S24, coming to older phones

Samsung turned everyone’s heads with its latest innovation, the Instant Slow-Mo video feature, unveiled with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. This innovative technology employs artificial intelligence (AI) to seamlessly transform ordinary videos into captivating slow-motion clips, eliminating the need to shoot in the conventional mode.

Excitingly, Samsung has just confirmed that the Instant Slow-Mo magic will not be limited to its newest flagships. According to a Samsung Community moderator, this feature is set to trickle down to eight older devices in the lineup. The catch? Devices equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 or newer chips will get the privilege, thanks to their robust GPU and NPU capabilities, enabling a lightning-fast 16.6ms response time for 60FPS videos.

Instant Slow-Mo Extends its Reach

The lucky devices set to receive this upgrade include the Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra, Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5, Tab S9, Tab S9 Plus, and Tab S9 Ultra, as reported by GSMarena. Alongside Instant Slow-Mo, these devices will also get their hands on Samsung’s new video editor, allowing users to add the coveted slow-motion effects during video editing.

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Samsung’s Pledge to Elevate Instant Slow-Mo

But that’s not all- brace yourselves for an even more enhanced Instant Slow-Mo experience. The moderator spilled the beans on Samsung’s plans to add support for 10-bit videos, 480p videos, and the .mov file format.

While the rollout schedule for Instant Slow-Mo on older devices remains undisclosed, eager users can expect it to align with the anticipated One UI 6.1 update for these phones and tablets.

Samsung’s VoWiFi Recording Feature

In other breakthroughs, Samsung is set to simplify the lives of Galaxy users with a much-requested feature. Previously exclusive to Samsung Galaxy S24 series owners, the ability to record voice calls in VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) mode is about to expand its horizons. Unlike Google Dialer, Samsung’s approach keeps call recording discreet, automatically capturing conversations when enabled.

Currently limited to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series running on OneUI 6.1 based on Android 14 OS, this feature is expected to roll out to older models soon. Galaxy smartphone users, rejoice – recording calls in VoWiFi mode will soon be at your fingertips with the latest dialer app version 15.1.66 or newer, covering VoLTE (4G) and VoNR (5G) calls.



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