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Wordle 956 answer for January 31: Easy winnings today! Just check hints, clues here

Wordle 956 answer for January 31: Developed by Josh Wardle and published by the New York Times on a daily basis, Wordle is a word game where players face a 5×6 grid of empty boxes that need to be filled with the right letters to form a meaningful word. Unlike crossword puzzles, Wordle does not provide any hints or clues to players, making the guessing game a bit tricky. Moreover, players need to guess 5 letters correctly in just 6 attempts. If they guess the letter correctly and in the correct place, the box turns green. Still, today’s Wordle 956 shouldn’t be a problem for most players, as the makers of the game have provided fairly straightforward answers.

However, if you’re on your third or fourth attempt, it is not advisable to keep on guessing as you can break your winning streak in a flash. If you’re stuck and cannot figure out the Wordle 956 answer, then check out these hints and clues. And if you’re here for the answer, then scroll down to the bottom to find it.

Wordle 956 hints for January 31

Today’s Wordle is a simple affair! If you are planning to begin the puzzle with vowel-rich words such as AUDIO, EQUIP, QUIET, and more, then you are on the right path. Furthermore, the word contains no repeated letters, making it easier for you to guess with minimal attempts. However, if you ever feel completely stumped, don’t waste your attempts.

Wordle 956 clues for January 31

1. The word contains just one vowel.

2. The word ends with the letter Y.

3. The word begins with B.

4. There is no repetition of letters.

5. BIGGEST HINT: It can be used as a synonym for heavy!

With the final hint, the Wordle 956 answer has almost been revealed. So, go ahead and give today’s puzzle a try. However, if you’re still stuck and on your last attempt, then scroll down to find the solution to Wordle 956.

Wordle 956 answer for January 31

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read any further if you are not looking for the answer to today’s Wordle. This is your last chance if you are still trying to solve the puzzle on your own.

Today’s word is BULKY. It refers to “large and heavy.”, according to the Oxford Languages Dictionary.

Congratulations on keeping your winning streak in Wordle intact! Make sure to come back again tomorrow for more hints and clues.

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