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Which author’s latest book is titled ‘Smoke and Ashes’?

Which author’s latest book is titled ‘Smoke and Ashes’? Amazon Quiz Answers

Explanation – The Answer is Amitav Ghosh. He is the best author as he won the 54th Jnanpith award in 2018, Amitav Ghosh’s age is 67 years and he lives in New York, USA with his family. Amitav holds many records in India and also Indian government awarded him with the Padma Shri in 2007. Gosh was born in Kolkata in 1956, He did his schooling in his hometown, and since childhood, he was passionate about book reading. You can check Amitav Ghosh Biography.

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Q1- Which author’s latest book is titled ‘Smoke and Ashes’?

Answer 1 () – Amitav Ghosh

Q2- BYD Auto started selling their vehicles in India. Expand BYD.

Answer 2 () – Build Your Dreams

Q3- What name is given to the faceless AI villain, the chief antagonist in Mission: Impossible 7?

Answer 3 () – Entity

Q4- Name this marine animal which can mimic human speech.

Answer 4 () – Beluga Whale

Q5- What is the name of this pokemon’s custom Z-move?

Answer 5 () – Pulverizing Pancake 

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 24th September Win 5000

The Fuzone quiz on Amazon commenced on 24th September 2023 and will be active until midnight 11.59 pm on 24th September 2023.


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