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Surprise! To boost Siri and Messages AI powers, Apple takes ChatGPT help in iOS 17.4

Apple is set to introduce groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) features with the upcoming iOS 18 in June. Amd now, a sneak peek at the iOS 17.4 beta reveals Apple’s ongoing efforts to bring enhanced AI powers to Siri by using advanced language model technology, and an unexpected ally in this journey is OpenAI’s ChatGPT API.

Apple SiriSummarization Framework

A new SiriSummarisation private framework has surfaced in the code, making calls to OpenAI’s ChatGPT API. This integration serves as a crucial component for Apple’s internal testing of the evolving AI capabilities, with system prompts such as “please summarize,” “please answer this question,” and “please summarize the given text,” 9to5Mac reported.

Interactions with AI

The system prompts also hint at the integration of AI features in the Messages app, aligning with previous reports from Bloomberg, which suggested Apple is working on Message app integration capable of handling queries and auto-completing sentences.

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So, how interlinked will ChatGPT be with Apple products going forward? Well, Apple is not looking to rely on OpenAI models for iOS 18 AI features. Instead, the company is using ChatGPT as a benchmark for its internal AI models. The SiriSummarization framework, for instance, conducts summarization using on-device models, showcasing Apple’s commitment to using its proprietary AI models.

The iOS 17.4 code indicates Apple is actively testing four distinct AI models, including the internally developed “Ajax.” Notably, there are two versions of AjaxGPT- one processed on-device and the other off-device.

Apple’s Strategy for AI Integration

This revelation highlights Apple’s intensified efforts to integrate large language models into iOS. What stands out is Apple’s dual approach- simultaneously developing its own AI system while benchmarking against external models like ChatGPT and FLAN-T5.

In a detailed report last October, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman shed had light on Apple’s AI goals for iOS 18. It outlined a directive within Apple to infuse the upcoming iOS with features leveraging the company’s substantial language model capabilities.

As we approach the release of iOS 18, Apple’s foray into advanced AI capabilities promises a transformative experience for users.



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