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Stunning survey says teenagers WANT to be tracked by parents on phones

Teen safety has been a huge concern for parents worried about their children’s safety as incidents of crime soar. Now, teens are also aware of safety measures and they themselves are taking precautionary measures to keep themselves and their near ones safe. The extent to which teens are willing to go for safety’s sake, however, is stunning, as is shown by this survey. In fact, tens of millions of teens are willingly opting to get tracked by parents. A recent survey shows that most teenagers believe that location tracking by their parents is beneficial for their safety. This is totally opposite to what most films and TV shows indicate through their content. Know how today’s generation really feels about location tracking.

Location tracking for safety

The Wall Street Journal report says that GenZ between the ages of 11 to 26 utilize family tracking applications or features to create a sense of being protected. Technology such as Apple Find My, Google Family Link, Snapchat Snap Map and GPS-equipped smartwatches enable families to keep track of each other. The report said, “Gen Z respondents to a recent survey from Life360 said they share their location when they drive, when they go on dates and when they attend concerts and other large gatherings. Many keep location sharing on at all times.”

Now teenagers are more aware of heinous crimes taking place around them and they are very open with their parents and keep them informed about where they are going. According to the Life360 survey, the usage of location tracking varies in terms of situations while many prefer to share when they are going out, many families keep their location status active at all times. The survey reveals that 87 percent of GenZ prefer sharing their location while long-distance driving. 80 percent share location while visiting unusual places, and 77 percent share when they visit concerts, events, or festivals. 78 percent of people share location while going on dates or parties.

A whopping 94% of Gen Z respondents in the survey said that location sharing benefits their lives in various ways. This suggests that today’s generation is embracing safety innovations as a way to stay connected with their friends and family, improve safety, and make life more convenient.



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