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Stop Putting Your Amazon Echo in These 5 Spots

Plugging your Amazon Echo into the closest outlet is the very first thing you do while you unbox it. While your Alexa software can technically move any place in your home the place there is an outlet, there are specific places we suggest heading off limits. There are some spaces in your house the place your Alexa sensible audio system and sensible presentations simply should not be positioned, because of each privateness dangers and the possible to injury your Echo.

You would possibly know that hanging your Alexa software close to water is not secure, however do you know that intruders may get entry to your sensible house software from outdoor if it is positioned too on the subject of a window? 

Keep studying to determine the place you will have to keep away from putting your Echo gadgets, and the most productive spots for them to move as an alternative. (For extra Amazon Echo pointers, take a look at which Alexa settings you will have to exchange ASAP and 5 helpful Echo options.)

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1. Keep Alexa away out of your rest room

Placing an Echo close to your rest room is, rather merely, gross. Think of all of the germs that linger round that house — even in super-clean toilets. If you should have an Echo software for your rest room (and we will be able to see the enchantment), take a look at putting it as a long way clear of the bathroom as conceivable. 

If you’ll, mount it on a wall with a sticky strip or a nail. Just ensure that it is safe so it does not fall, and take into accout to position it close to an outlet so you’ll plug it in. Also, stay it clear of the tub. You would not need to fry your Echo… or the rest.  

A bathtub and shower in a bathroom with tile floor

Don’t even consider hanging your Echo close to the tub.

Chris Monroe/CNET

2. Avoid hanging Alexa close to a sink

If you might be looking to drown out the sounds of Alexa’s voice, through all approach, position your pricey Echo through a sink. If you wish to have to stay it intact, by no means position it any place close to water.

You do not need to chance your kitchen water sprayer going haywire and soaking your Echo software, or a tall software getting tipped into the sink. Instead, position it on a unique counter, like a kitchen island, or tuck it right into a nook the place it is further from splattering spaghetti sauce and water spray. It’ll keep cleaner and would possibly sound higher, too.

3. Don’t put Alexa through your home windows

Keep your Echo clear of all of the home windows in your home. The location may doubtlessly give somebody from the outdoor get entry to in your Echo, and that would give get entry to in your different sensible house gadgets. For instance, in case your automotive is hooked up in your sensible speaker, any individual might be able to liberate and get started it.

An Echo Dot on a table near a window An Echo Dot on a table near a window

If your Echo is close to a window, transfer it.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

4. Alexa should not move underneath your TV

How many advertisements are available in the market that say, “Alexa, play…” and turn on your Echo? Or if the TV says anything else that sounds so much like “Alexa,” take a bet at what is going to turn on. 

Not most effective does this interrupt the display you might be observing, nevertheless it additionally begins recording what is mentioned after the command. So if you are having a non-public dialog and Alexa kicks in, you might be risking your privateness. Placing it on an aspect desk makes extra sense and is much more likely to stay the voice assistant quiet till you’re making a command.

5. Never put your Echo in entrance of an area heater

You will have to by no means reveal your Amazon Echo to any warmth assets, Amazon says. This comprises area warmers, heater vents, radiators and stoves. Doing so may doubtlessly purpose a hearth, or purpose injury in your Echo software. 

Instead, ensure that it is obviously positioned clear of the course the heater is pointing to keep away from a possible disaster. For example, in the event you stay an area heater for your place of business, position the Echo for your table and clear of the heater.

So, the place will have to you set your Amazon Echo?

  • In the nook of your front room (clear of home windows)
  • A spot the place it is simply visual to you, so you’ll see when the sunshine ring lighting fixtures up
  • On your bedside desk
  • On the brink of your kitchen counter, a long way away out of your sink
  • On a mantle or shelf
  • Mounted on a wall that is not dealing with a window

You too can learn our tale at the 4 best possible makes use of on your Amazon Echo software in each and every room of your own home to assist making a decision the place to position your Echo. 

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