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Samsung introduces Bixby Cricket ahead of India vs Australia Cricket World Cup finals

Samsung has introduced Bixby Cricket, a new feature within the company’s native voice assistant that will allow users to stay up-to-date with cricket matches. Interestingly, the feature is being launched ahead of the World Cup finals between India and Australia. This new enhancement to the Bixby voice assistant enables users to effortlessly access cricket match scores, stay updated on World Cup points tables, and keep track of upcoming match schedules, all with a simple voice command.

Bixby Cricket comes to Samsung

Samsung collaborated with sports news website SportsKeeda to build Bixby Cricket. The collaboration between Samsung and Sportskeeda is geared towards making cricket more enjoyable and easily accessible for fans across India. Users can now interact with Bixby by asking questions like “What’s the score?” or “Show me upcoming matches” to receive instant, relevant information.

There is no need for a manual updation of the app, as these features will be added automatically for existing Bixby users, requiring no additional downloads. To check whether or not you have this update, you can simply activate the voice assistant and use the command.

Balaji Hariharan, Senior Director at Samsung Research Institute, Bangalore, expressed the significance of Bixby Cricket at the launch event, stating, “Cricket is more than a game in India, and with significant tournaments either underway or on the horizon, Samsung sees Bixby Cricket as an excellent way for cricket enthusiasts to effortlessly stay informed about the latest scores and tournaments using just their voice. Updates can be received while driving, working, cooking, or engaging in any other attention-demanding activity.”

Supporting the Indian Startup Ecosystem

In addition to catering to the passion for cricket, Samsung India aims to contribute to the growth of the Indian startup ecosystem through this launch.

Bixby has evolved significantly since its inception as an intelligent voice assistant on Samsung devices. It has transformed into an open AI platform available across a range of Samsung products and appliances. Notable upgrades, such as the introduction of Indian English in 2021, have made Bixby more contextual and meaningful for Indian consumers, enhancing its understanding of Indian names, places, relationships, content, and recipes.

For those with Bixby set as the default assistant on their Samsung phones, launching it is as simple as pressing and holding the power key or saying “Hi, Bixby.” Alternatively, users can set Bixby as the default assistant through the Bixby app shortcut in the app drawer.



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