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Samsung Galaxy S24 price to remain same as Galaxy S23, says report; know how much

Samsung is expected to launch its latest premium smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, in January 2024. Notably, it will compete with the iPhone 15 series and the latest Google Pixel. With the launch set to happen within weeks, various speculations and rumors are circulating about the smartphone’s camera, design, AI integration, and most importantly, price. In the latest leak, it is being said that the company is planning to keep the Samsung Galaxy S24 price the same as its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S23. Yes, indications are that the Galaxy S24 series will be priced similar to the Galaxy S23 series. Check what the current reports say about the Galaxy S24 series price.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series price

So far we have an idea about what is going to come with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series due to all the leaks and rumors. But, the most discussed topic about the Samsung S-series smartphone is its price. According to a Korea Economic Daily (via Android Authority) report, Samsung is expected to keep the same price for the Galaxy S24 series as the Galaxy S23. This strategy may lead to an increase in sales by as much as 10 percent and it is targeting to sell about 33 million Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones.

Let’s have a look at Samsung Galaxy S23 pricing to get an idea about what may come with the upcoming smartphone. As of now, the Galaxy S23 is priced at $799.99, the Plus version is priced at $999.99 and the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a starting price of $1,199.99. Therefore, the price for Galaxy S24 might stay the same as the above-mentioned price.

Not sure which
mobile to buy?

If we talk about other premium smartphones such as the iPhone 15 series and Google Pixel 8 series then they both have opted for different pricing schemes. Apple has sought to keep the same price, but hiked it for some models in the latest series. The prices of their models are based on the region. However, Google has significantly increased their prices by $100 for their Pixel 8 series. Now, it is a matter of days till we get to know what Samsung might be planning for the Galaxy S24 series.

This year Samsung is bringing various new features to the Galaxy S24 series along with new AI integration. Additionally, we may also see the latest Snapdragon chipset in the Ultra model. If the price point stays the same as last year’s model, then buyers definitely have something to look forward to. However, all the details about the smartphone will be disclosed during the official launch.

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