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Revolutionary! Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera teased; AI stacking to 4K zoom, check it out

In a thrilling sneak peek, Samsung has released a video showcasing the remarkable capabilities of its new ISOCELL 200 MP sensor, powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. This combination of hardware sets a new benchmark in the world of smartphones, leaving us all eagerly anticipating the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Zoom Anyplace

According to the Samsung’s video, one of the main features of this sensor is “Zoom Anyplace,” a game-changer that not only tracks subjects in videos but also records full-frame, high-resolution zoomed footage of the entire scene. In practical terms, this means you can capture two 4K video streams simultaneously – one focused on the cropped area and the other on the wider view. This opens up the door to post-shooting adjustments, allowing you to frame your shots just the way you want. What’s more, “Zoom Anyplace” seamlessly operates in both 2x and 4x zoom, ensuring flexibility in your photography and videography, GSMarena reported.

“E2E” AI Remosaic

What truly amazes is the sensor’s ability to automatically detect subjects and maintain sharp focus on them in real-time, even as they move around in any direction, whether getting closer to or farther from the lens. This tracking capability preserves the crisp 4K resolution, ensuring your footage stays top-notch.

Another notable advancement is the “E2E” (end-to-end) AI Remosaic, a game-changing innovation in image processing. Unlike the traditional sequential processing method employed by the ISOCELL sensor, where photos are processed colour by colour and layer by layer, this new solution operates in parallel. This simultaneous handling of colour, tone, noise reduction, sharpening, HDR, demosaicing, white balance, and lens shadow correction results in a doubling of recording speed. This translates to reduced processing time and a significant boost in image quality.

While Samsung officially states that these features are for illustrative purposes only, strong indications point toward their availability on the Ultra variant. This belief is substantiated by the confirmation that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will indeed feature the latest Snapdragon flagship chipset and a staggering 200MP sensor. We can expect the veracity of these claims to be confirmed at the upcoming Unpacked event, rumoured to take place in the early weeks of the next year.



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