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Oura Ring 4: Check speculated launch date, specs, price, and more

The talk about the Oura Ring 4 has been acquiring some kind of momentum and we may actually soon see the new smart ring being unveiled. Nothing official about it, of course! Over the years, the smart ring has become increasingly popular with its amazing capabilities and features in an extra small package vis a vis smartwatches. In fact, it has the ability to replace smartwatches in terms of accurate fitness and health tracking features. The Oura Ring 4 is now expected to be launched soon and therefore, you should check out its specs, features price, and more to have an understanding of what’s coming with this new generation smart ring.

Oura Ring 4 specs and launch date

The first Oura Ring made its debut in the year 2015 and now the fourth generation is expected to be launched next year, in 2024, after a 3-year delay since the launch of the third generation. According to a report by Android Authority, the Oura Ring 4 may offer similar features as its predecessor. However, it may undergo a big upgrade. The smart ring may feature comprehensive readiness, sleep, and activity scores and the introduction of automatic activity and nap detection.

The Oura Ring 4 may also feature improved heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. It is expected to have a finger-based tracking experience the same as the Oura Ring 3. With the new generation of smart rings coming, it is expected that it may support digital payment. The introduction of digital payments will be a revolutionary update for the Oura Ring 4 that may be to the liking of users.

Oura Ring 4 price

In terms of pricing, the Oura Ring 4 might remain the same as the Oura Ring 3 which started at $299. However, users may need an additional monthly subscription plan of $5.99 to access all the features of the smart ring.

With the upcoming Oura Ring 4, it is expected that more advanced features will be introduced in terms of its predecessor. The launch date and official specs of the smart ring will be revealed soon by the company.

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