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OpenAI introduces SantaGPT chatbot, your exclusive Christmas gift advisor

OpenAI, the pioneering AI company, is ushering in the holiday season with festive cheer in its office this Christmas. As part of the celebrations, ChatGPT has introduced a brand-new chatbot called ‘SantaGPT,’ fueled by the powerful GPT-4. Exclusively available to GPT Plus subscribers, the delightful ChatGPT chatbot aims to assist in finding the perfect Christmas gifts. The ChatGPT app on various platforms enthusiastically announces, “Prepare for the holidays with SantaGPT! Check in daily for a surprise leading up to Santa’s visit.”

SantaGPT, a generative AI-backed chatbot hailing from the “North Pole,” warmly greets users with, “I’m Santa! Spreading cheer and helping with festive gift ideas.” Subscribers of ChatGPT Plus can now leverage this tool to discover ideal gifts and share the joy with friends and family. If you find yourself uncertain about what gifts to choose for your loved ones this festive season, SantaGPT is here to guide you in making the right selections.

Accessing SantaGPT is a breeze for existing ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Whether through a desktop web browser or the ChatGPT app on a smartphone, subscribers can engage with this new chatbot. It’s worth noting that due to a temporary pause in the ChatGPT Plus subscription program by OpenAI, only existing subscribers have the privilege of exploring this exciting feature.

To maximise your experience with SantaGPT, familiarise yourself with effective usage through example prompts, tips, and available command documentation.

Example Prompts

1. “How are the reindeer doing?”

2. “Can you tell me about Santa’s Workshop?”

3. “How many days until Christmas?”

4. “Tell me a Christmas story.”

Features and Commands

  • Send a Christmas Wish: Convey your Christmas wishes, and Santa’s AI will spread holiday joy on your behalf.
  • Ask About the Reindeer: Inquire about the well-being and status of Santa’s trusty reindeer.
  • Learn About Santa’s Workshop: Explore the magical place where gifts come to life by asking about Santa’s Workshop.
  • Find Out How Many Days Until Christmas: Receive an exact countdown to Christmas, enhancing your anticipation of the holiday joy.
  • Hear a Christmas Story: Request a heartwarming Christmas story and immerse yourself in the spirit of the season.



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