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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman on how to be successful: 13 steps to acing your career

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, a successful entrepreneur and the mind behind the widely-used generative AI tool ChatGPP, is known for bringing natural language and conversational AI tools to the tech industry. ChatGPT and his constructive strategies to meet the innovative demands of the technological world have led aspiring entrepreneurs to want to be like Altman. However, to gain unparalleled success. one has to navigate through a long and intricate journey, which requires hard work and much struggle. Therefore, to make the process easier for budding entrepreneurs, Altman has laid out 13 powerful ways on how to be successful.

How to be successful: Sam Altman

Sam Altman shared a blog listing ways on how to be successful:

1. Compound yourself: Alttmans says compounding is magic and an aspiring entrepreneur should look for it everywhere. Additionally, he says to have a long-term goal broad view of the world.

2. Have almost too much self-belief: Altman says, “The most successful people I know believe in themselves almost to the point of delusion.” Therefore, believe in yourself and move along with the progress you are making.

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3. Learn to think independently: Cultivate how to think independently and have a unique mindset of your own. Altman also believes that sharing ideas with others also helps create a unique thought process. He said, “I will fail many times, and I will be really right once is the entrepreneurs’ way.”

4. Get good at “sales”: An entrepreneur should know how to convenience others to buy or use their product or service. Therefore, they must know how to sell their idea. “This requires an inspiring vision, strong communication skills, some degree of charisma, and evidence of execution ability.”

5. Make it easy to take risks: Altman says taking risks is important to try various things. Start with small risks and then scale progressively with effective risk management.

6. Focus: It may seem a simple advice, but it’s a crucial one. Altman says, “Focus is a force multiplier on work.”

7. Work hard: To achieve immense success, focus on working harder rather than smarter. The earliyou start the ride, the more time you will have to gain good results.

8. Be bold: To achieve success, one must be ambitious and should not be afraid of how and what one wants to work on. Second-guessing an idea may create challenges.

9. Be willful: Try to make things happen and do not be afraid to try new things. “A combination of self-doubt, giving up too early, and not pushing hard enough prevents most people from ever reaching anywhere near their potential.”

10. Be hard to compete with: Build strategies on how you can be hard to compete with. It can be anything, connections, building strong relationships or brands, etc.

11. Build a network: Create a team or network of talented and aspiring people who will work for your goal and that can be done by building your own strong reputation.

12. You get rich by owning things: Create something which increases in value be it a business, real estate, natural resource, etc.

13. Be internally driven: Do not try to impress others but yourself. This will help you in excelling on the areas that actually matter to you.

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