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Noise Colorfit Vision 3 Review: Premium look at an affordable price

A canny smartwatch buyer will look at a number of things before making the purchase decision. He, or she, looks at various aspects such as design, performance, features, sports modes, wellness modes etc. In short, does it meet their requirements in many, if not most, ways? However, another aspect may interfere here. If they have to stick to a specific budget, they may have to compromise in some areas. But do they really need to? What if I say you can now get a smartwatch with dazzling features and that too on a budget? The Noise ColorFit series Vision 3, may just tick most of the boxes for you, but not all. 

I used the smartwatch for over a week now and it comes with various sports modes and health trackers that can come in handy on virtually hourly basis depending on what kind of activity you are performing. Let’s dig into what the smartwatch offers and how it functions.

Noise Colorfit Vision 3 design and display

When I first unboxed the smartwatch, I was flattered by its elegant and premium design, it instantly reminded me of the Apple smartwatch (to an extent). One thing I have noticed is that Noise looks to meet customer expectations when it comes to design and rolls out attractive wrist pieces. So, even if the features could be improved, the design experience always stands out in the mind.

The smartwatch features a 1.96-inch AMOLED display that is so sleek and captivating that it fits perfectly with the watch’s bezels and the curved crown. If you are someone who wants a premium looking watch then this is it.

The display of the watch was sharp and edgy with 550 nits brightness. I loved the overall experience while scrolling through the smartwatch. Although the smartwatch has only 4 watch faces, you can customize them from the NoiseFit app. The display shows the number of steps, calories burnt, BMS and, of course, time.

The weight and size were also handy. It did not feel like you are carrying a any weight or even something on your wrist.

Noise Colorfit Vision 3 performance

In my opinion, the smartwatch could have done better in this area. Yes, therein lies the rub! It lagged multiple times while navigating through the menu and different health tracking modes, which impacted the overall experience. It even froze at various points. Is it a deal breaker? It can be if the buyer is a perfectionist and demands 100% performance and does not want to wait even for a second or two. However, this occurred few and far between.

The smartwatch is powered by BT v5.3 technology which ensures smooth and easy connection with the Android smartphone. But in terms of Bluetooth calling, it did not work for me as the voice was muffled and the person on the call was not able to understand what I was saying.

Having said that, what I really liked was its remote camera feature which allowed me to click pictures from my phone after granting permission within the app. It saves a lot of money for users who buy Bluetooth remotes separately for clicking pictures.

It also provides an array of useful smart tracking features and has over 100 sports modes. It accurately calculated my steps and even my dancing steps. It also has sleep tracking which gives accurate data of deep sleep and light sleep. I found the interface displaying the data to be quite engaging, mainly due to the statistics it offered. Additionally, it tracks Heart Rate, Women’s menstrual cycle, and SpO2. You can also set reminders along with dehydration reminders.

Noise Colorfit Vision 3 battery life

If we come to Colorfit Vision 3 battery performance then I must say I was impressed. The watch worked for a good 10 days with basic functionality such as notifications, normal health tracking, occasional calling and a camera remote.

The only thing that struck me was its charging time, it takes more than 2 hours to charge up fully from 2 or 3 percent level. Overall the experience was good.

Noise Colorfit Vision 3: Final verdict

However, the watch has a beautifully crafted premium design and comes with an array of fitness and health monitoring features. It boasts a remarkable battery life with a great AMOLED display.

The smartwatch does have issues in terms of lags and a frozen screen and the Bluetooth calling quality was quite disappointing.

So, where do we go from here? The smartwatch is decent if you want something that has a premium design and looks. It can be used for standard purposes like basic health monitoring. In case you want to check out other options, then you can get better smartwatches at this price range from brands like Amazfit, BoAt, Realme, and more.

Product Name – Colorfit Vision 3


  • Sharp AMOLED Display
  • Great battery life


  • Frequent lags
  • Bluetooth calling


  • Display: 1.96-inches
  • Battery: 7 days



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