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MediaTek’s vision: AI-powered chips hinted with image manipulation and personalized suggestion

MediaTek, at its Executive Summit 2023, unveiled plans to introduce AI-powered chips, a move aimed at integrating generative AI into smartphones. This echoes the industry trend, as demonstrated by the latest Google Pixel devices featuring a range of AI functionalities through the new Tensor G3 SoC. The surge in AI development has made it a focal point, with companies like MediaTek actively incorporating these technologies into their product suites.

David Ku, MediaTek’s Chief Financial Officer, hinted at the possibility of image manipulation capabilities in the company’s upcoming AI chips, similar to those found in Google Pixel devices. While specific details remain undisclosed, a CNET report suggests potential features such as the ability to remove unwanted objects from images, similar to Google’s Magic Eraser. 

Additionally, the AI chips could facilitate personalized suggestions, allowing smartphones to automatically generate captions for social media photos.

MediaTek currently boasts a pair of chips, the Dimensity 9300 designed for flagship devices and the Dimensity 8300 catering to mid-range smartphones, both equipped with on-device generative AI capabilities. According to the company, the Dimensity 9300 can handle Large Language Models (LLMs) featuring up to 33 billion parameters, while the Dimensity 8300 is capable of running LLMs with up to 10 billion parameters.

Moreover, MediaTek’s Chief Financial Officer, David Ku, emphasized the extensive utility of AI when incorporated into personal assistants. Ku illustrated this point with an example of an AI-powered assistant alerting the user to urgent emails, even in silent mode, and offering contextual solutions for diverse situations.

In addition to enhancing smartphones with generative AI capabilities, MediaTek unveiled Redcap 5G modems at its summit. These modems aim to support devices with lower data capacities, particularly beneficial for smart home appliances. 

Beyond smartphones, MediaTek envisions the broader integration of generative AI, with Chief Financial Officer David Ku suggesting its potential application in vehicles. This could enable AI to perform tasks like notifying colleagues about delays when encountering traffic, expanding the scope of AI functionality beyond the realm of smartphones.



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