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Lenovo transparent laptop coming soon! Design leaked on social media

After LG’s transparent Signature T television, Lenovo is rumored to be introducing the concept of a transparent laptop. The laptop may consist of a transparent display with a touch keyboard according to the shared images. This month, tech giants will be showcasing their innovations and prototypes at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And we may also get to see the transparent laptop by Lenovo. An image of the Lenovo transparent laptop has been leaked on social media and the claims may turn out to be true.

Lenovo transparent laptop

According to an post on X shared by Evan Blass, the Lenovo transparent laptop may feature a see-through display with a touchpad keyboard. The laptop is expected to be showcased at the MWC, however, it is still uncertain whether the device will go on sale or not. The Verge reported that the concept of a transparent laptop is not new and it has been going around for a decade. However, after such a long time, Lenovo may finally commercially launch the technology in the market for the public to use. The Verge believes that there is very little chance for the product to make it to the market as such concepts are been introduced but they never gain commercial viability.

The laptop also raises various speculations on how it will be used, and what user base will Lenovo target. However, the biggest concern would be privacy people will be able to what you are doing.

Not sure which
laptop to buy?

As of now, the specs of the Lenovo transparent laptop have not been revealed but with the leaked pictures, we can see what might be introduced. Alongside the laptop, the image also consists of a stylus, which indicates that users can doodle on the laptop as well just like we do with tablets and iPads.

Unless some other leaks reveal more, we will have to wait for the MWC event to roll around for more news on this exciting gadget. The event is going to take place in Barcelona from 26 February to 29 February 2024.

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