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Kohler’s New Hand Shower Might Actually Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Kohler is on a mission to make the bathroom a hot spot for cutting-edge technology. The luxury kitchen and bathroom company is always pushing the boundaries for what a trip to the toilet or shower can be. Today, ahead of next week’s CES show in Las Vegas, Kohler announced a lineup of fanciful bathroom toys that include a smart bidet seat attachment compatible with Alexa and Google Home (finally), a hand shower that shoots microbubbles and accommodates a range of cleansing attachments and it’s first-ever smart bathroom ceiling fan that measures temperature and humidity in the room and adjusts itself accordingly. 

We’ll get to see Kohler’s lineup firsthand at CES next week. For now, here’s everything Kohler is unveiling to get your bathroom of the future, today.

SpaViva Handshower and Cleansing 


spa viva hand shower attachments


Plenty of products claim to turn your shower into a “spa” but the Kohler SpaViva hand shower really might. 


This is the bathroom gadget I’m dying to try. Kohler’s new SpaViva combines custom spray technology and a built-in cleansing device to transform your morning spritz into something that sounds like a true spa treatment. 

The hand shower pairs heat-retaining Katalyst spray with a microbubble spray that jets out bubbles 100 microns or smaller for a hydrofacial-style cleanse. Fixed to the hand shower is a cleansing device, with a rotating lineup of attachments including those for exfoliating, massaging and pumice scrubbing. All the attachments recharge through a magnetic dock. 

The SpaViva starts at $249. 

PureWash E930 bidet seat 

pur wash bidet seat pur wash bidet seat

The PureWash bidet seat offers all the luxury of a smart toilet without the exorbitant cost.

David Watsky/CNET

This is not Kohler’s first bidet seat attachment, but it is the first one that’s compatible with smart home assistants including Alexa and Google. Yes, now you can have your virtual assistant do all the, erm, dirty work. The PureWash features heated seats, adjustable water temperatures (ahhh) and pressure. It has a contactless opening in a slim, elongated design and is available in black or white for $2,149, which is a lot of money but still cheaper than most full smart toilets. 

Voice activation via Alexa or Google Home allows hands-free control of the spray, dryer and UV cleaning systems for less points of contact and cleaner going experience.

Anthem Plus smart showering valves and controls 

anthem shower control anthem shower control

Kohler’s Anthem spa shower control saw some key feature updates in 2024.


An update to Kohler’s shower spa command center includes an integrated digital control system that allows customized delivery of water, light, sound and steam. A touchscreen enables you to preset multisensory shower experiences. All of this can be controlled through the Kohler Konnect app so you can curate the perfect shower before you’ve even dropped trou. 

The smart shower controller starts at $2,800.

Atmo smart fan

smart fan smart fan

Kohler’s Atmo smart bathroom fan ($266) detects temperature and moisture and jumps into action accordingly.


Atmo is Kohler’s first foray into the fan category. These smart ceiling fans measure temperature and humidity to automatically turn on when humidity is high. You can also set custom preferences for default fan speed, lighting brightness, color temperature and more. It retails for a surprisingly reasonable $266.

Kohler will also feature an expanded range of smart toilets at this year’s show including new variations of Numi 2.0, Innate and Veil, as well as 2023 CES Innovation Award honoree, Stillness Bath.  

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