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Humane Ai Pin: Can it make you forget your phone? Know what it can do

Wearable technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. While smartwatches were the tech marvel at the time, they are now a common gadget. This is where Humane, the Sam Altman-backed startup, comes in. Its latest tech innovation has awed the tech community with its first-ever wearable product called the Humane Ai Pin. As the name suggests, it is a wearable pin that is being called a smartphone without a screen and it promises to replace smartphones, and it is powered by AI. But what can it do?

Humane Ai Pin: What can it do?

The Humane Ai Pin can potentially act as a replacement for your smartphone but without a screen. It is equipped with multiple sensors, a camera, a laser ink display, and multi-gesture support. The Ai Pin can be attached to a dress or a shirt via magnetic arrays. It features a 13MP ultra-wide camera, a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with wireless charging capabilities, and a dual microphone array.

The Ai Pin is activated by swiping down on it. Humane claims that the Ai Pin’s camera and microphone do not wake until turned on, promising privacy. There’s also a trust light that lets you and those around you know that the Humane Ai Pin is currently in use. It is a standalone device that doesn’t require a connection to your smartphone.

According to the company, it can draft and send messages and emails without you having to type. You can simply speak to the device and it will use the prompt to suggest a draft using its laser ink display. You can simply hold your palm out and see the display there. If you’re not happy, you can add more prompts to change them.

Backed by the power of AI, the Humane Ai Pin can recommend music playlists, which can be controlled using gestures. It can be asked any questions that you would usually ask an AI chatbot. Additionally, it has access to your emails and messages, therefore it can contextualize information.

The UI can be navigated using simple gestures such as touch, tap, and swipe, that give you access to features such as answering calls, controlling the volume, capturing pictures, and more.

Will it replace your smartphone? The jury is still out on that and will depend a lot on how well the entire gamut of operations has been deployed. At least for those who hate to lug around their smartphones, this can be a wonderful digital aid especially as its camera can record almost everything that you see.



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