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How to find a song on YouTube by humming a tune

Ever had a catchy tune stuck in your head, but you can’t remember the song’s name or lyrics? You probably turned to apps like Shazam to solve the mystery. But guess what? YouTube now offers a cool way to find that song by humming or whistling it. It has introduced a feature that lets you search for a song using only your vocal prowess – yes, that means you can hum, sing, or even whistle the tune, and YouTube will work its magic to find the song you’re looking for.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that this feature works exclusively on YouTube’s mobile app and is not available on the web version.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you in finding songs by simply humming on the YouTube app:

Open the YouTube app

To get started, open the YouTube app on your mobile device.

Go to the Search button

Once you’re inside the YouTube app, tap on the Search icon located in the top right corner of the screen.

Enable Microphone access

Beside the search bar, tap on the microphone icon to use the hum-to-search feature. You might have to give YouTube permission to use your microphone for this. If you’re worried about privacy, you can allow microphone access just while using the app, or turn it off after using the feature.

Hum, sing, or whistle the tune

With the microphone activated, you can now hum, sing, or whistle the tune of the song you’re trying to identify. YouTube will then use this audio input to search for the song.

Review and select the result

YouTube will present you with a list of results it believes match your tune. In most cases, it does a great job at identifying the song. If it’s correct, simply tap on the result to access the song. If it doesn’t get it right, tap on the microphone icon again and try humming the tune one more time.

Please note that this feature might not be available to all YouTube users in India at the moment. It appears to be a gradual rollout, primarily targeting Android users, especially those using the beta version of the app. Unfortunately, there is no information about when this feature will become available for iOS users.

With this handy feature, you can quickly find that elusive song that’s been playing in your head without needing a separate music identification app.



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