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Group representing TikTok, Meta, X sues US state over law limiting kids’ use of social media

 A trade group representing TikTok, Snapchat, Meta and other major tech companies sued Ohio over a pending law that requires children to get parental consent to use social media apps. The law was part of an Ohio’s law — which requires social media companies to obtain a parent’s permission for children under 16 to sign up for social media and gaming apps — unconstitutionally impedes free speech and is overbroad and vague. The law also requires social media companies to provide parents with their privacy guidelines, so that families can know what content will be censored or moderated on their child’s profile.

“We at NetChoice believe families equipped with educational resources are capable of determining the best approach to online services and privacy protections for themselves,” Chris Marchese, director of the organization’s litigation center, said in a statement. “With NetChoice v. Yost, we will fight to ensure all Ohioans can embrace digital tools without their privacy, security and rights being thwarted.”

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The group has won lawsuits against similar restrictions in California and Arkansas.

Husted, who leads Ohio’s technology initiatives and championed the law, called Friday’s lawsuit “cowardly but not unexpected.”

“In filing this lawsuit, these companies are determined to go around parents to expose children to harmful content and addict them to their platforms,” Husted said in a statement.

He alleged the companies know their algorithms are harming children “with catastrophic health and mental health outcomes.”

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