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Google’s Magic Editor won’t do its ‘magic’ on these photos

With the Pixel 8, Google introduced a new editing tool, which could magically edit photos with the help of artificial intelligence. While the tool has awed those using it, it also poses the question if this tool can be used to edit any picture. Well, Google is trying to build safeguards around its Magic Editor, which will not let users edit any picture they want. Android Authority dugged into the APK of Google Photos v.6.60 patch and discovered certain limitations of the Magic Editor feature. Firstly, the tool will not allow editing of images containing ID cards, receipts or any other documents that violate GenAI terms. Secondly, it will not make changes to images with personally identifiable information. Thirdly, it will not modify human faces or body parts. Finally, Magic Editor will not work on large areas in a photo that require a lot of data to be generated. If such areas are highlighted, an error message will pop up on the screen.

The report highlights that the previous version of Magic Editor was already blocking many of these changes, but it lacked specific error messages, causing confusion among Pixel 8 owners. However, the new version provides clear error messages to explain what went wrong. Magic Editor can make complex edits even if you don’t have professional-level editing skills. Thanks to its advanced AI techniques, including generative AI, you can edit specific parts of an image, such as the subject, sky or background, giving you more control over the final look and feel of your photo. With Magic Editor, you can improve the overall composition of your photo by repositioning the subject of your shot to the best spot.

For instance, if you’re trying to get the perfect shot of a popular waterfall, you can remove the bag strap you forgot to take off, brighten the sky and make it less cloudy to match how you remember that day, and even relocate and resize your subject so they’re perfectly aligned under the waterfall.

Magic Editor could soon introduce prompts

Android Authority has discovered clues that Magic Editor might gain a new feature called “prompt-based editing”. This feature would allow users to move objects and people in an image via text prompts. For instance, you could instruct the Pixel 8 to move you towards the centre, remove someone in the background, and replace a cloudy sky with a clear one – at least in theory. Although there isn’t any hard evidence suggesting how it’ll work, it appears that Google is working on this feature. This is in addition to the guardrail feature that was also discovered.



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