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Get Up To ₹20 Cashback As Amazon Pay Balance On UPI Transactions

Amazon Pay Balance On UPI Transactions
Amazon Pay Balance On UPI Transactions

Amazon has just launched the Amazon Pay UPI cashback offer on successful UPI transactions made at nearby shops. You may get up to ₹20 as cashback in your Amazon Pay wallet on each Amazon Pay UPI transaction. Make a transaction of minimum ₹100 or more to avail the cashback. Scan any UPI QR code at the nearby shop to launch the payment window and complete the transaction in very easy and convenient way.

Scan any UPI QR code at the nearby shop
Scan any UPI QR code at the nearby shop

How To Use Amazon Pay UPI

Before making your first transaction, go to Amazon Pay section in your Amazon App. Find the below icon strip at the top of your Amazon App’s home page and tap on the Amazon Pay icon.

Select the Amazon Pay icon
Select the Amazon Pay icon

Now, scroll down to the bottom to find the Amazon Pay UPI icon and tap on it.

Select the Amazon Pay UPI  icon
Select the Amazon Pay UPI icon at the bottom

This will lead you to a wizard where you can follow along to complete the UPI enabling process. Make sure you are using the same SIM as primary and the mobile phone number is registered with UPI gateway, otherwise the process will fail.

After completing the UPI enabling process, follow the easy steps provided below to make UPI transactions on Amazon Pay UPI.

How To Scan UPI QR Code Near by Shops Amazon Offer

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What will I get as assured reward?
    You will be getting cashback credited to your amazon pay balance as assured reward on every transaction during the offer period.
  2. How much cashback can I get on a transaction?
    During the offer period the cashback value will be between INR 1 to INR 20 on a single transaction. For the first 5 transactions via Amazon Pay UPI you will receive the cashback within 2 working days. Post 5 transactions, cashback will be credited within 10 working days
  3. What is the offer duration?
    Offer is valid from 2nd May, 7p.m to 16th May, 2019, 11:59 p.m
  4. Can I avail the offer on multiple transactions?
    Yes the offer can be availed on multiple transactions
  5. Is there any minimum transaction value to avail cashback?
    No there is no minimum transaction value to avail the cashback
  6. How do I avail the offer?
    You can now scan any 3P UPI QR code at your nearby stores & make payment using Amazon Pay UPI.
  7. What is Amazon Pay UPI?
    Amazon Pay UPI is an easy, fast & secure way to make your everyday payments. You can now register for UPI through Android App on the version 18.3 or above and create your own UPI ID (e.g. phonenumber@apl). You can link your savings bank account to it and start making payments by scanning any UPI QR code at nearby stores, make payments on app and other third party apps/websites that accept UPI.
  8. How can I create my Amazon Pay UPI ID if not already created??
    There are 2 ways to create Amazon Pay UPI ID:
    (i) On this page, you can click on “Link bank account” to create your Amazon Pay UPI ID.
    (ii) Alternatively on Amazon home page, tap Amazon Pay to open Amazon Pay dashboard. Tap Payment Options. On the Manage Payment Options page, tap Manage Bank Account and proceed to add a new bank account.
  9. Which all UPI QR code can I scan?
    You can now scan any UPI QR code using Amazon app at your nearby stores and make hassle-free cashless payments.
  10. I scanned a QR code at store but got an error message which said, “we do not recognize this code, please try another one.” Why will this happen?
    This will happen if you scan a non UPI QR code. Check out for UPI logo on the QR code.
  11. How do I pay using Amazon Pay UPI?
    Paying for your order at store is easy. Open Amazon app & click on Scan icon, then scan the UPI QR code and enter the desired amount to be paid. Enter your UPI pin and your payment is complete.
  12. I do not see Amazon Pay UPI, what should I do?
    Amazon Pay UPI is only available on mobile app for Android customers. You must have the latest version of the Amazon app downloaded from the Google Play store in order to access Amazon Pay UPI.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This limited term promotional offer, namely Scan & Pay via UPI offer (“Offer”) is provided to you by Amazon Pay (India) Private Limited (“Amazon”). This Offer is available to you in respect of use of Amazon Pay Unified Payment Interface handle (“Amazon UPI”) on various eligible offline retail stores.
  2. These Offer terms and conditions (“Offer Terms”) are in addition to terms and conditions applicable to use of Amazon UPI, Amazon Pay balance: Money and the Conditions of Use and Privacy Notice of, to which you agree to by using Amazon Pay balance or or Amazon UPI, as the case may be. To the extent these terms and conditions are inconsistent with these Offer Terms, these Offer Terms shall prevail with respect to the Offer only.
  3. This Offer will be available to you if you have a valid account and are eligible to use Amazon UPI.
  4. This Offer is valid from May 2nd 7p.m, 2019 to May 16th, 11:59 p.m, 2019 (both days inclusive) (“Offer Period”), unless extended or revoked by Amazon in its sole discretion, without any prior notice and without any liability.
  5. During the Offer Period, any customer who:
    • (a) makes a payment for a purchase of any product(s) or service(s) through offline retail stores / merchants that accept Amazon UPI as a payment method (such stores, “Stores”); and
    • (b) chooses to pay for such transaction using Amazon UPI handle available on mobile application by scanning of the QR code available at the Store will be eligible to receive a cashback as provided under Section 6 below.
  6. Under this Offer, the customer will be eligible to receive cashback for:
    • (a) an amount equivalent to 5% of the value of the transaction, subject to a maximum of INR 20 (hereinafter referred to as “Benefit 1”); or
    • (b) a minimum amount of INR 1 and a maximum amount of INR 10 (hereinafter referred to as “Benefit 2”).
  7. It is clarified that an eligible customer can avail this Offer multiple times during the Offer Period. However, the maximum cumulative cashback under Benefit 1 that a customer can receive under this Offer is INR 100.
  8. The customer will only be eligible for cashback under Benefit 2, once the customer has exhausted the maximum cashback limit under Benefit 1.
  9. The cashback under Benefit 1 will be provided to the eligible customers within 2 working days from the date on which the transaction using Amazon UPI has been made. Whereas, the cashback under Benefit 2 will be provided to the eligible customers within 10 working days from the date on which the transaction using Amazon UPI has been made.
  10. Amazon UPI is available only for use on the latest version of the Android-based mobile application and has not been enabled on any other medium (like website or iOS-based mobile application).
  11. Amazon will not be responsible for non-availability of Amazon UPI at a particular Store.
  12. Each customer can avail this Offer using only one account. A customer who uses multiple (more than one) accounts to avail this Offer or the benefits under this Offer, shall be disqualified from this Offer and his participation shall be deemed withdrawn. Such customer will not be eligible to receive any benefit under this Offer.
  13. A customer will not be eligible to receive the cashback under this Offer, if payment is made using a payment method / mode other than the Amazon UPI such as payment through debit or credit card, net banking, or pay-on-delivery or even UPI handles of a third-party (other than Amazon Pay UPI).
  14. Amazon shall not be liable to ensure the availability of Amazon UPI on all offline stores / merchants or with stores / merchants of a particular category.
  15. A customer will also not be eligible for this Offer, if multiple payment methods are used to pay for the purchase/ payment transaction, even if one of the payment method is Amazon UPI.
  16. The applicable amount of cashback will be provided to customers in the form of an Amazon Gift Card, issued by QwikCilver Solutions Private Limited, redeemable as Amazon Pay balance. The use and redemption of a Gift Card is governed by the applicable terms and conditions.
  17. The participation of a customer will be deemed to be withdrawn from this Offer if the purchase transaction: (a) is cancelled (for any reason whatsoever) by the customer or the concerned seller or by Amazon or its affiliates; or (b) is returned by the customer. In such cases, if cashback has been received by the customer, amount of the cashback will be deducted from the transaction amount, at the time of refund to the customer (if any). For the avoidance of doubts, it is clarified that the mode of refund will be governed by the applicable terms.
  18. Amazon reserves the right, at any time, without prior notice, without liability, and without assigning any reason whatsoever, to add/alter/modify/change or vary all of these Offer Terms or to replace, wholly or in part, this Offer by another offer, whether similar to this Offer or not.
  19. In case a customer is eligible for any other offer(s) and is entitled to benefits under such other offer(s) in addition to this Offer, such customer will be eligible to avail benefits under this Offer as well as such other offers, i.e. for both the offers.
  20. Under no circumstances, will the cashback being offered under this Offer be settled in cash in lieu thereof.
  21. Any query / issue in relation to the cashback or this Offer should be addressed to Amazon customer care during the Offer Period. Post such date Amazon will not entertain any communication regarding this Offer or cashback from any person.
  22. By availing this Offer, every customer expressly agrees that Amazon or any of its affiliates will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever that a customer may suffer, directly or indirectly, in connection with this Offer.
  23. Nothing herein amounts to a commitment by Amazon to conduct further, similar or other offers.
  24. Amazon reserves the right to disqualify a customer from the benefits of the Offer if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the Offer.
  25. These Offer Terms are governed by the laws of India and the courts at New Delhi will have exclusive jurisdiction over any matter or dispute in relation to this Offer.
  26. This Offer is by way of a special offer only for customers who make payment for their order on the Store using Amazon UPI.
  27. Customers are not bound in any way to participate in this Offer. Any participation is voluntary. The Offer is being made purely on a best effort basis.
  28. Any person availing this Offer will be deemed to have accepted the Offer Terms.

Click this link to know more about Amazon Pay UPI and offers details.


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