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Forget phone neck, here is phone knee! Study highlights new health scare

We are now living in a world where we are constantly surrounded by electronic devices to carry out our day-to-day tasks. However, we are most reliant on our phones for all kinds of things, personal or professional making it a hazardous habit for our physical and mental wellbeing. So, we have all heard about phone neck, but now, a study has warned smartphone users of phone knee problems too. A recent study reveals that overuse of phones is causing constant knee and joint pain. It has revealed a surprising connection between the overuse of phones and knee pain. Experts say that our knee and joint pain is associated with the overuse of phones. Additionally, various types of musculoskeletal conditions are related to the overuse of phones and less physical activity. Know more about the study here.

Does phone overuse cause joint pain?

According to research by NIH (Via Phone Arena), experts have found a surprising relation between knee or any kind of joint pain with the overuse of phones. Experts say that excessive phone use or even more than four hours of usage can cause joint and muscle problems. Josh Gordon, a Technology Expert from Geonode said, “When we’re constantly hunched over our phones, our body weight shifts, and this can place added stress on the knees.” It simply means that when we are using our phones while sitting in a place, we restrict our body and muscle movements causing severe stress to our joints specifically knees.

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Our joints and muscles are built for constant movements to improve flexibility, however, our current lifestyle is affecting our physical strength and causing various kinds of musculoskeletal conditions. Our improper positions while using small screen devices also have an effect on our knee joints, tendons, and ligaments. Furthermore, it also results in weight gain which is associated with several health issues. Therefore, one must restrict the overuse of smartphones or conduct kinds of physical activities to avoid joint and muscle problems. Phone usage for more than four hours a day is scary hazardous and one must strictly set a time limit for any electronic device usage. Researchers and experts now recommend limiting screen time with some exercise activities on a daily basis.

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