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Eufy’s new 360-degree 4K camera does not require Wi-Fi or a socket.

Anker Eufy The brand has started shipping a new 4K security camera that it says offers a 360-degree viewing angle, 344-degree pan and up to 70-degree tilt. It Can operate indefinitely even without wired network or electricity.

That is because, in addition to Wi-Fi, $249.99 Eufy 4G LTE Cam S330 can also connect to nearby LTE towers and has a removable solar panel that it claims only needs to be left in the sun for two hours Up to 36.2 Wh of power can be used to keep the battery charged. Since The battery lasts for up to a month when fully charged, according to Anker It lasts even during the rainy season.

On In theory, the S330 seems to solve many of the problems we had with previous LTE capabilities Eufy and Arlo cameras cost about the same price of admission. While You can install it completely inside or outside your primary residence for wireless security. Its design and functionality make it even more suitable for remote areas of your property – perhaps in a far corner of the garden or in a nearby storage shed, or other inaccessible areas Wi-Fi. Aiding This item, Eufy demonstrates that it can withstand harsh temperatures and hot or cold elements (-4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit).

It builds on Eufy Starlight by providing a EIOTClub SIM card that should automatically jump between Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, depending on which one offers the strongest LTE signal. That After you use up 100MB of trial data, features will incur ongoing charges of $19.90 per 2GB or $139.99 per 24GB. However, you can also use your own SIM card. Eufy Assuming you don’t have unusually high traffic that constantly triggers logging, estimated data usage per month is around 700MB.

The The 4K camera offers 8x zoom and uses active zones with AI-driven vehicle and people detection to reduce false alarms of biological and other random activity. There Also features a built-in 100 lumen spotlight surrounding the sensor, illuminating an area up to 26 feet away. Rounding Its safety features include two-way audio and the ability to trigger alarms, all of which can be controlled via a mobile app and Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice control.

You Lasts up to eight months of recordings saved locally to the included 32GB microSD card (the camera supports up to 128GB cards), but unfortunately the S330 doesn’t support third-party NAS devices. However, It can be used with Eufy’s $149.99 HomeBase 3 S380, supporting up to 16TB of storage and supporting facial recognition. The The only problem with this permission is that you must maintain the Wi-Fi pattern. It It’s also worth noting that the app only lets you switch manually between LTE and Wi-Fi, so you can’t rely on automatic failover.



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