ChatGPT can now be customized into your own unique chatbot


  • OpenAI has introduced customizable versions of ChatGPT called GPTs.
  • If you are a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise user, you can start trying out example GPTs today.
  • OpenAI plans on launching a GPT store later this month.

Today, OpenAI held its developer conference, where it made several ChatGPT announcements. Among those announcements, it revealed it’s rolling out customizable versions of its chatbot called GPTs.

According to OpenAI, GPTs are a way for users to create their own tailored versions of the popular chatbot. The company says there’s no need for coding; they’ve made GPTs so they can be built by anyone. People can also share the GPTs they create with others.

GPTs can reportedly be used for a variety of tasks, whether it’s for work or daily life. A few examples the company offers include using GPTs to “learn the rules to any board game, help teach your kids math, or design stickers.”

As for privacy, OpenAI states that users will be in control of their data. Chats are reportedly not shared with the GPT creator, and if a GPT has third-party APIs, you’ll be able to choose what data is sent to the API. In addition, it looks like the company is implementing a new review system that is aimed at preventing the sharing of harmful GPTs.

Later this month, OpenAI says it plans on launching a GPT store where people can search for the GPT they want. It will contain creations from verified builders and will spotlight the “most useful and delightful GPTs.” The company doesn’t reveal exactly when, but says in the coming months, creators can earn money based on how many people are using their GPT.

If you want to try an example GPT right now, you’ll have to be a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise subscriber. However, OpenAI says it will roll out GPTs to more users soon.



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