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Big iPhone 16 Pro leak! Tipster reveals huge new AI and ML upgrades

The iPhone 15 series is out and the iPhone 16 lineup is already in the development stage. As a result, we are getting new leaks about it almost on a weekly basis. Earlier, it was reported that not just one, but both iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will get the tetraprism zoom lenses that will allow them to click 5X optical zoom pictures. And now, a new leak has claimed that the Pro models of the next generation of Apple smartphones will also support the 5G Advanced network, which is considered an evolution of the normal 5G and a step towards 6G. The functionality will be added by the Qualcomm Snapdragon X75 modem.

The information comes from technology analyst Jeff Pu who said in a research note this week with investment firm Haitong International Securities, that both the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be equipped with the Snapdragon X75 modem, according to a report by MacRumors. This modem will enable the smartphones to connect to the faster and more power-efficient 5G Advanced network. The report also added that the standard iPhone 16 and the iPhone 16 Plus will retain the X70 modem that was used for the entire iPhone 15 lineup.

iPhone 16 Pro models may support 5G Advanced

This move will be a step away from Apple’s usual strategy, where it adds the same modem across all the different models in a lineup. However, this will be in sync with Apple’s recent strategy of creating a wider technology gap between the Pro and the non-Pro models.

The Snapdragon X75 modem was introduced by Qualcomm in February 2023. It comes with significant improvements over the X70 modem and offers better carrier aggregation for faster 5G internet speeds. It has a sub-6GHz 5G transceiver which both takes less space and is more power efficient.

The new Snapdragon modem supports 5G Advanced network which is being touted as the next step towards 6G connectivity. 5G Advanced is said to feature artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-based upgrades that help in better 5G performance, and also expand the technology to more devices and use cases.

Do note that the information provided here is based on a leak and no official source has confirmed this. So, take it with a pinch of salt and wait for the official launch of the iPhone 16 series.

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