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Apple Vision Pro: What do reviewers say about Apple’s first-ever spatial computer?

The Apple Vision Pro has become the talk of the town lately, and why shouldn’t it? Apple debuted the Vision Pro at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 in June. Since then, Apple fans have been patiently waiting for its release, and now it is finally here. The Vision Pro is Apple’s first ever AR/VR headset, which the company calls a ‘spatial computer’. Apple CEO Tim Cook says the Vision Pro headset “seamlessly blends the digital world with the real world”. However, it is likely that no one would just take Cook’s word before purchasing the device. The Apple Vision Pro reviews are out now, and reviewers have a lot to say about Apple’s first-ever spatial computer.

Apple Vision Pro reviews

Apple Vision Pro reviews have been largely positive so far, with people saying it features the best tech of any VR headset. However, there have been shortcomings too, with reviewers particularly concerned about its weight, battery life and availability of apps.

After experiencing the Apple Vision Pro, The Verge’s Nilay Patel said that it is “magic, until its not”. Patel highlighted that the Vision Pro is the best consumer headset anyone has ever made, it comes with tradeoffs, some of which are too big to ignore. “And the biggest tradeoff of all is that using the Vision Pro is such a lonely experience, regardless of the weird ghost eyes on the front. You’re in there, having experiences all by yourself that no one else can take part in”, Patel said.

Meanwhile, CNET’s Scott Sein says “It’s easy to lose track of where I am when I’m wearing the Vision Pro. And it’s thrilling.” According to Sein, while parts of the Vision Pro are stunning, other parts seem unfinished, making it the hardest product to evaluate to date.

On the other hand, Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal states that the Apple Vision Pro is just a glimpse of the future. That said, the built-in virtual keyboard is only good for typing in passwords, and the Personas look “ridiculous”. But still, “so much of what the Vision Pro can do feels sci-fi”, says Stern.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee, popularly known by his channel MKBHD, says that the Vision Pro has some of the best tech he has ever seen on a VR headset, including the sharpest micro OLED displays and the best passthrough. However, it is not without its limitations. Brownlee said that the headset does not have as wide a field of view compared to some of the other VR headsets in the market, and not does it have as many apps. Marques said it is “a really expensive really fun toy”.

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