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Apple Vision Pro pre-order boom! About 180000 units of AR/VR headsets sold in big surprise

Apple Vision Pro pre-orders went live on January 19th and surprisingly people seem to have been falling over each other to get this outstanding new Apple innovation. While reports were claiming that the Vision Pro headset might attract fewer users due to its massive price tag and lower battery life, however, it is reported that Apple has sold up to 180000 units of Vision Pro headsets during the pre-order weekend. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also highlighted concerns over shipping times as compared to Apple iPhone. Know what experts say about the upcoming sales of the Apple Vision Pro headset.

Apple Vision Pro pre-order sales

According to a Ming-Chi Kuo report, the estimated pre-orders of Apple Vision Pro headsets are expected to be 160000 to 180000 units. Additionally, the headsets were immediately sold out soon after the pre-order opened, however, the shipping timeline is said to be 5–7 weeks, which means buyers will have to wait longer than expected. While the product being instantly sold out shows a positive sign as part of initial demand, the major concern is the 48 hours of shipping time after pre-orders. Kuo highlights that the interest and enthusiasm among buyers is likely settling down and after the initial enthusiasm by die-hard fans, the momentum is not likely to last long and this may hamper the overall sales of Vision Pro headsets.

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Additionally, it is also reported that Apple may struggle to sell 500000 units of Vision Pro this year due to the niche audience. Now, the actual sales can actually be analyzed only after the official selling date which is said to be February 2, 2024. However, the Vision Pro headset will only be available for sale in the US market and buyers can get to see a 20 to 25-minute demo on how the product works, as reported by Mark Gurman.

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