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Apple Vision Pro is a “preview of the future than the future itself”, says Mark Gurman

Apple has been talking about the Apple Vision Pro headset for more than a year, and it has finally been made available to the public recently. The product has created a lot of hype in this niche market and it has started to gain immense popularity, something not seen since when the iPhone debuted. However, even though Vision Pro headset is an amazing new advanced mixed reality tech, it still lacks some features and functionalities, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. In his latest newsletter, he said that Apple Vision Pro would require as many as four generations of improvements to reach its full potential.

Apple Vision Pro features

According to Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter report, Apple Vision Pro has the capability to replace the iPad due to its wide range of features and functionalities to conduct basic tasks. Whether it can replace something like an iPhone, is questionable. While Gurman talked about the standout Vision Pro features, he also highlighted its drawbacks in various aspects. He said, “Vision Pro is more of a preview of the future than the future itself.” Also, even though the future of the iPad may be at risk due to Vision Pro, it will still take years and years of work in software and hardware upgrades to do that.

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Among the points highlighted by Gurman is about weight. As of now, the Vision Pro headset is quite heavier than expected and has a very low battery life which could hamper use.

He added that, VisionOS operating system is not up to the mark and requires several enhancements. Highlighting the device’s operating system, Gurman said, ‘At this point, it feels like the software is a beta version and about a year away from feeling refined enough for consumers to use on a day-to-day basis.”

So, how long will it take to get the Vision Pro up to snuff? Gurman says the Vision Pro team believes that it could take “four generations before the device reaches its ideal form.” This same steady approach has been seen in Apple with earlier products too such as iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad.

So, should people be buying it? In Gurman’s view, “The reality is that a lot needs to be fixed before I can recommend shelling out $3,500 for the device.”

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