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Apple Vision Pro explained: Why this mixed reality headset is ideal for virtual tours

The Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computer that allows users to experience apps and features in an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) environment. The headset is built not for just consumers, but for developers who can use its many features to design and build AR/VR applications and products. However, there is another use case where it can come in extremely handy – virtual tours. Here’s why.

Apple Vision Pro for virtual tours

According to Apple, the Vision Pro headset is capable of seamlessly blending the digital world with the real world. Thus, it is capable of generating detailed 3D environments that can be toured in mixed reality.

The headset is fitted with 23 million micro-OLED pixels across the display, meaning there are more pixels there in just a postage stamp-sized area than what you can get on a 4K TV! That makes the viewing experience crisp. Be it touring a virtual gallery or a museum, Apple Vision Pro users will be able to navigate the space with crystal clear clarity.

Moreover, instead of a physical controller, you control it with your hands, voice, and eyes. This means you won’t need a separate controller to move through a virtual reality tour, making the experience even more immersive. Almost the same as standing anywhere and watching everything by turning your head or eyes. It also features spatial audio that promises to improve the virtual tour experience, blending real-world sounds. Users can even interact with Siri and ask questions about various artifacts, landmarks and more, making this an engrossing and extremely comprehensive experience of whatever you have a mind to do.

What the entire virtual tour experience entail

1. The Vision Pro virtual tour will take you through Immersive 3D Environments that the user can explore and that too with both eyes and hands and even interact with the objects inside.

2. Vision Pro virtual tour also offers the ability to ramp-up your experience to new levels with spatial audio and voice control and not just that, the audio will also merge with the sounds outside in the real world.

3. And if you like the experience, you can capture it all in video or take pictures, just like a tourist might!

4. You can tailor your requirements and also deploy any apps that you have a mind, including Safari browser. That will allow the user to use the headset for both private and professional purposes.

5. While the headset is not exactly light (anything between 450g to just under 700g), but Apple has promised it will be a very comfortable experience and it will not weigh heavy on the user allowing full control and mobility throughout.  

 Also, with the Apple Vision Pro, you don’t need to worry even if you wear glasses! Buyers can purchase special ZEISS Optical inserts with the Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro: How much does it cost?

Apple has announced that the Vision Pro headset will cost $3499 and will be available in a 256GB storage option. Additionally, users can also purchase ZEISS Optical Inserts — Readers for $99, and ZEISS Optical Inserts — Prescription for $149.

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