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Apple iPhone 14 emergency SOS satellite feature extended; freebie set to become permanent

In a surprising move, Apple extended the complimentary period for its Emergency SOS via Satellite service for iPhone 14 owners, now ensuring free access until September 2025. However, looming questions arise about the future pricing model for this life-saving feature. Tech analyst John Gruber believes Apple is considering making the Apple iPhone 14 emergency SOS satellite service permanently free. However, the challenge of determining its long-term costs is still a big question looming.

Gruber emphasises Apple’s cautious approach, speculating that Apple is testing the waters by extending the free period incrementally. He underscores the potential PR nightmare if Apple were to ever charge for the service, drawing attention to a past incident where a carmaker refused to track a stolen car with a child inside until a subscription was renewed, 9to5Mac reported.

The fear is that if Apple were to discontinue the free service, lives could be at stake. Gruber suggests that someone might choose not to pay for continued service, leading to tragic consequences. To avoid such scenarios, Apple must find a sustainable way to offer the Emergency SOS satellite feature at no cost.

Exploring Monetisation Strategies

The analyst explores potential strategies Apple might adopt. One option is for Apple to absorb the cost as a permanent PR and marketing expense, leveraging heartwarming stories of the service saving lives. However, considering Apple’s inclination toward subscription services, Gruber predicts the company may explore monetization avenues.

Gruber points to the Roadside Assistance add-on as a potential clue to Apple’s monetization strategy. While currently free, it could transition to a chargeable feature without risking a negative public reaction. Another avenue is examining dedicated emergency beacon subscriptions, such as Garmin’s inReach Messenger, which offers tiered plans with varying features, hinting at a potential model for Apple.

As Apple users eagerly await clarity on the fate of iPhone 14 emergency SOS satellite feature, the tech giant faces the delicate task of balancing public safety with its business interests. The next steps taken by Apple could determine not only the accessibility of a critical service but also the company’s reputation in the eyes of its users.



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