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Apple AirTag recovers stolen luggage, leads police to thief in the US, provides “justice”

In a holiday twist, an Apple AirTag proved to be more than just a nifty gadget to locate car keys as it helped a family track down stolen luggage and the thief responsible in North Carolina. The Gavino family from Miami, Florida, had taken off on a dream Christmas celebration in the Carolinas but faced an unexpected setback upon landing at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. After discovering that one of their bags had gone missing from the airport carousel, the Gavinos turned to a recently purchased tool for help. Catherine Gavino had equipped each bag with an AirTag, not anticipating that it would become a crucial asset in recovering stolen items. Little did she know, the decision would soon lead them on a hot chase after the luggage thief.

Apple AirTag on the Trail

Using the Find My app on her iPhone, Catherine tracked the stolen bag’s movement along Interstate 85, heading west toward Gastonia. Renting a vehicle, the family embarked on a pursuit, bringing them to a neighborhood. However, the search hit a temporary halt when the AirTag stopped providing information, according to The Queen City News report.

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Undeterred, the Gavino family resumed their quest on Christmas Day, pinpointing the missing suitcase to a house on McGuire Street in Gastonia. Catherine promptly alerted the police after driving by the location. Law enforcement entered the premises and successfully recovered not only the Gavino family’s luggage but also another suitcase stolen from the airport.

While the stolen bag was retrieved, the contents were unfortunately missing, likely sold by the thief. Despite this setback, the police arrested a suspect charged with multiple theft crimes and a drug offense, held on a $10,000 bail. Catherine Gavino expressed her determination, stating, “I wanted justice.”

The incident highlights the effectiveness of AirTag as a tracking device and its role in aiding law enforcement. As the Gavino family experienced the ups and downs of their holiday adventure, the episode serves as a testament to the value of innovative technology in unexpected situations.

Apple AirTag Price

Apple continues to offer individual AirTag trackers for $29, with a set of four available for $99, providing users with a tool that goes beyond everyday utility. Additional accessories, including key rings, are available through the online Apple Store, where customers can also enjoy free engraving on their AirTag purchases.



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