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Amazon World Tourism Day Quiz Answers Which is the most visited country for international tourists?

Amazon World Tourism Day Quiz Answers For Today | Win ₹20000

The Amazon World Tourism Day Quiz offers the chance to earn 20,000! It’s similar to a fun game in which you answer questions about various destinations you may visit across the world. You may be the lucky recipient of this great reward if you know your facts about notable places, civilizations, and vacation locations. So, give it a shot and put your knowledge to the test while earning some extra cash for your next journey! Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity to win big on World Tourism Day.

Which is the most visited country for international tourists? Amazon Quiz

France is the most visited country for international tourists. France is the most popular destination for foreign tourists in the globe. Many individuals from all around the world visit France. They come to view iconic landmarks like as the Eiffel Tower, taste delectable French fare such as croissants and cheese, and learn about the country’s rich culture and history. France’s magnificent towns, breathtaking scenery, and numerous attractions make it a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world.

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Amazon World Tourism Day quiz answers

  • Answer 1 – France
  • Answer 2 – Canada
  • Answer 3 – Colosseum, Rome
  • Answer 4 – 1980
  • Answer 5 – True

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Amazon World Tourism Day Quiz Answers Win ₹20000 

Take Amazon’s World Tourism Day Quiz for a chance to win an amazing 20,000.

Q1: Which is the most visited country for international tourists?

  1. India
  2. China
  3. France
  4. USA

Answer 1 (C) – France

Q2: Which country has the largest number of natural lakes?

  1. Tibet
  2. China
  3. Canada
  4. Bhutan

Answer 2 (c) – Canada

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Q3: Which is the most visited monument in the world?

  1. Forbidden City, China
  2. Taj Mahal, India
  3. Colosseum, Rome
  4. Eiffel Tower, France

Answer 3 (C) – Colosseum, Rome

Q4: Which year was World Tourism Day established in?

  1. 1950
  2. 1970
  3. 1980
  4. 2000

Answer 4 (C) – 1980

Q5: The theme of World Tourism Day 2023 is Tourism and Green Investment. True or false?

  1. True
  2. False

Answer 5 (A) – True

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How to Play World Tourism Day Amazon Quiz

Step 1 – Visit the Funzone page using the search bar.

Step 2 – Under the funzone section scroll down to find the World Tourism Day quiz

Step 3 – Once you get the poster tap & open the contest.

Step 4 – Attempt the Quiz, get all the answers right, and stand a chance to win New ₹20000.

Step 5 – Tweet all your correct screenshots tagging @amazonIN & with respective hashtags.

Amazon World Tourism Day Quiz Contest Details:

No of Questions:5
Winning Prize: ₹20000
Organizer: Amazon App only
Contest Commence: 27th September 2023 to 10th October 2023
Hashtag: #World Tourism DayQuiz
Winner Announcement:11th October 2023

Amazon World Tourism Day Quiz Winners Announcements

Attention, Amazon shoppers! Get ready for an exciting opportunity to participate in the World Tourism Day Quiz Contest hosted by Amazon India. From 27th September 2023, at 12:00 a.m. to 10th October 2023, at 11:59 p.m.


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