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Amazon Tecno Phantom V Flip Quiz Answers Phantom V Flip 5G comes with __MP selfie camera

Amazon Tecno Phantom V Flip Quiz Answers For Today | Win ₹2000 – Participating in today’s Amazon Tecno Phantom V Flip Quiz gives you the opportunity to win a great prize of 2000. This thrilling opportunity allows players to put their knowledge and luck to the test while experiencing the excitement of competition. By answering the quiz questions correctly, you not only boost your chances of winning but also acquire vital knowledge about the Tecno Phantom V Flip, a cutting-edge smartphone. So, take the quiz, show off your expertise, and you might win 2,000 in prizes.

Phantom V Flip 5G comes with __MP selfie camera Amazon Quiz

Phantom V Flip 5G comes with 32MP MP selfie camera.

The Phantom V Flip 5G smartphone includes a high-resolution 32-megapixel (MP) selfie camera. This means that when you snap selfies, the camera can catch a lot of information, resulting in photographs that are crisp and sharp. So, whether you’re taking a selfie of yourself or with pals, you can count on this phone to produce excellent results. It’s a terrific tool for anyone who enjoys snapping selfies or video chatting with friends and family while looking their best.

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Amazon Tecno Phantom V Flip quiz answers

  • Answer 1 – 32MP
  • Answer 2 – TRUE
  • Answer 3 – 64+13MP
  • Answer 4 – 45W In-the-box charger

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Amazon Tecno Phantom V Flip Quiz Answers Win ₹2000 

the Amazon Tecno Phantom V Flip Quiz today could be your ticket to winning ₹2000.

Q1: Phantom V Flip 5G comes with __MP selfie camera

  1. 16MP
  2. 32MP
  3. 8MP
  4. 24MP

Answer 1 (B) – 32MP

Q2: Phantom V Flip 5G can take pictures between 30° – 150° Flexible Angles

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

Answer 2 (A) – TRUE

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Q3: Rear camera of Phantom V Flip 5G boats a ___ setup

  1. 64+13MP
  2. 12+12MP
  3. 50+8MP
  4. 12+13MP

Answer 3 (A) – 64+13MP

Q4: 4000mAh battery of Phantom V flip is charged in a flash with__

  1. 22.5W Charger
  2. 45W In-the-box charger
  3. 30W Charger
  4. 33W Charger

Answer 4 (B) – 45W In-the-box charger

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How to Play Tecno Phantom V Flip Amazon Quiz

Step 1 – Visit the Funzone page using the search bar.

Step 2 – Under the funzone section scroll down to find the Tecno Phantom V Flip quiz

Step 3 – Once you get the poster tap & open the contest.

Step 4 – Attempt the Quiz, get all the answers right, and stand a chance to win New ₹2000.

Step 5 – Tweet all your correct screenshots tagging @amazonIN & with respective hashtags.

Amazon Tecno Phantom V Flip Quiz Contest Details:

No of Questions:4
Winning Prize: ₹2000
Organizer: Amazon App only
Contest Commence: 29th September 2023 to 29th October 2023
Hashtag: #Tecno Phantom V FlipQuiz
Winner Announcement:30th October 2023

Amazon Tecno Phantom V Flip Quiz Winners Announcements

Attention, Amazon shoppers! Get ready for an exciting opportunity to participate in the Tecno Phantom V Flip Quiz Contest hosted by Amazon India. From 29th September 2023, at 12:00 a.m. to 29th October 2023, at 11:59 p.m.


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