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Ai Pin: Will it replace smartphones or is it just a quirky gadget? Know what tech experts think

In 2007, a single phrase of “One more thing” during a launch changed the course of smartphone history and put it on the path of becoming one of the most crucial gadgets for humanity in the 21st century (yes, we are talking about the original iPhone). Now, sixteen years later, we have two ex-Apple employees aiming for a similar disruption through their recently unveiled device, Ai Pin. And it may well herald the end of the smartphone as we know it – the gadget is touted as a smartphone without a screen. Now, it has been a week since the device was revealed to the public, and everyone has an opinion on it.

So, what do the tech experts and tech publications think of this new piece of technology, that entirely relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to function? Is it the start of a new way of interacting with technology that will revolutionize personal gadgets entirely, or is it just another quirky gadget that will be forgotten soon? Let us see what experts in the tech community believe.

Ai Pin: Reactions and opinions

Mashable’s East Coast tech editor Kimberly Gedeon said, “If you’re an early adopter for any new technology, you’ll be the guinea pig for bugs and flaws at launch…In other words, there’s a good chance you’ll see some foibles if you’re one of the first to snag an Ai Pin, but that’s no different than any other new, emerging product on the market”. She reacted in this manner after she witnessed the Ai Pin give out a wrong answer to a question during a demo.

Gizmodo’s Lucas Ropek appears to be conservatively optimistic about the device. He wrote, “I am…moderately intrigued by this product. Despite Silicon Valley’s endless harping on innovation and moving fast and shifting paradigms, there’s hardly ever a product launch that feels like it’s authentically trying something new”. He also added that since the Pin is such an unknown, he also feels more confused than excited about it.

David Pierce, editor-at-large at The Verge said, “Humane may hope its device evolves the way the smartphone did: better hardware improves the user experience over time, but the real revolution comes from what you can do with the device. There’s a lot of work left to do on that front, but Humane’s apparently ready to get started”. 

Erin Griffith and Tripp Mickle from The New York Times spent some time with the device during its demo. They said, “Humane’s ambition to disrupt the smartphone is audacious, creative and even irrational; the kind of thing Silicon Valley is supposed to be known for, but, which critics bemoan, in recent years has turned into incremental frivolities, like selfie apps and robot pizza trucks”.

And if you ask us, we are hopeful, but, having said this, it does not come without a warning. The Ai Pin definitely manages to bring in the kind of innovation that the personal gadget space was desperately in need of (keeping the AR/VR glasses aside as the only exception to the rule). However, what excites must also deliver the goods as promised. We will have to see if Humane’s device can do that. Make no mistake, this is just the first generation device, and just like any other product, it too will be filled with bugs, glitches, and even manufacturing shortcomings. It will take the Ai Pin consistent work over a period of time to be able to deliver on its potential. We do hope that instances of AI hallucination and other challenges are also mitigated by then.



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