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AI is watching you! Ahmedabad becomes India’s 1st city to get AI-linked surveillance system

In a groundbreaking development, Ahmedabad has emerged as the first city in India to employ artificial intelligence (AI) for comprehensive monitoring by the municipal corporation and police across the entire city. The city’s expansive Paldi area is now home to a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-enabled command and control centre, featuring a remarkable 9 by 3-metre screen that oversees an extensive 460 square kilometres, encompassing Ahmedabad and its surroundings. This AI-surveillance system incorporates live drone footage, camera feeds from traffic signals and buses, offering a six-camera view that surveys the entire city.

AI’s Role in Real-time Monitoring and Analysis

According to the CNBC Awaaz, the system’s capabilities extend beyond tracking traffic violations or unidentified activities; it has the ability to monitor and address various issues. Whether it’s locating missing persons, or identifying suspicious activities, this AI-driven system is set to become a boon for both the municipal corporation and the police.

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The role of AI in this system is pivotal, as it analyses the incoming footage in real-time. From live footage analysis to sifting through hours of recorded footage to find relevant information, AI handles these tasks efficiently.

The integrated use of drones facilitates surveillance, helping identify issues such as illegal parking, stalls, garbage accumulation, and other civic problems. The combination of drone footage and AI analysis enables the prompt identification and resolution of these issues.

Where it has already made a difference

One notable instance is the effective management of stray animals in Ahmedabad. The AI control room played a crucial role in addressing the issue, as stray animals were identified, captured, and subsequently returned to their owners. The AI-backed system also facilitated quick responses to incidents, ensuring timely actions and, in some cases, penalties for offenders.

Ahmedabad residents have reported feeling safer and have noticed improvements in traffic management and overall cleanliness since the implementation of this AI-monitored system. The city serves as a beacon of progress, showcasing how technology, specifically AI, can contribute to the development and safety of urban areas. As Ahmedabad leads the way, it is anticipated that other cities across India will follow suit, embracing similar innovative solutions in the days to come.



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