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5 things you may have missed about artificial intelligence today: Japan Seek help from abroad for artificial intelligence chips, Tecno Artificial intelligence robot dogs are coming, more

Artificial intelligence summary: Japan Have your own The Road to Advanced Artificial Intelligence Development Intelligence Starts (AI Chip. These Developed by Rapidus Corp and Tenstorrent Inc. Tenstorrent Inc. Led by former Tesla and Apple veterans, who will chart the entire development process; In addition, it will Tecno launch its advanced artificial intelligence robot dog at MWC 2024. Know Learn more about what is happening in the world of artificial intelligence today.

  1. Apple and Tesla Veterans help Japan design government-backed artificial intelligence research group Chips

Japan, Rapidus Corp collaborate with U.S. startups Tenstorrent Inc. For the development of AI chipsets. Jim Keller, a leader of Tenstorrent who has previously worked with Tesla and Apple, will license its design to power portions of the Japan’s AI accelerator, including the overall design of the chip. Rapidus Chief Executive Officer Atsuyoshi Koike stated: “Concerns Since artificial intelligence consumes all the electricity in the world, technology to reduce power consumption is very important.” With Tenstorrent According to Bloomberg, we hope to bring artificial intelligence to the market with the fastest time to market Smart accelerator brought to market. ) ) report.

2. Tecno AI-powered robot dog launched at MWC 2024

At In Mobile World Conference 2024, Tecno an AI-powered robot dog Dynamic 1 will be launched that will take on daily life tasks. TheThe structure and design of the robot dog are inspired by German Shepherd and will be able to improve entertainment, assistance, education and training in smart homes. The According to media reports, Robo-Dog has four microphones and an AI-driven voice recognition algorithm that enables the device to respond to voice commands release.

3. Micron announces collaboration with Samsung to improve Galaxy artificial intelligence capabilities

At MWC 2024, Micron Technology announced that Samsung Low Power Double Data Rate 5x Storage (LPDDR5X) and Micron’s Mobile Flash Storage (UFS) 4.0 will be available as Universal Flash Storage *) integrated in select devices supply. The S24 series introduces powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to mobile users around the world. Samsung Galaxy Company Vice President and General Manager Mark Montierth said: “Micron’s Mobile Business Unit has selected an advanced portfolio of memory and storage solutions to drive the innovative Micron’s artificial intelligence capabilities offered in the new Galaxy artificial intelligence capabilities Samsung ) *) The S24 was groundbreaking. “Series”, according to press reportsGalaxy.


is driving the creation of an AI company worth 2.5 Alibaba Billion.


Led the largest single funding round for Alibaba an artificial intelligence startup. Chinese “Bloomberg Led $1 billion in funding in It AI with help from existing backersMoonshot, boosting the one-year-old company’s valuation by eight,” the report said. times, reaching about $2.5 billion.” Monolith Management The e-commerce giant is still investing in artificial intelligence despite U.S. sanctions, with several companies and leading technology giants investing billions of dollars in training and developing artificial intelligence services. technology. The AI is Moonshot one of the most prominent generative artificial intelligence startups, competing with China Google OpenAI and Bloomberg according to one person.

report5. A study by Linked

shows that companies are upskilling their employees thanks to the advent of artificial intelligenceIn. Recently

In LinkedWorkplace Learning Report stated that artificial intelligence (AI) is having a major impact on the workplace as managers and companies improve the skills and abilities of their employees. In One study found that 94% of The companies retrain employees, while Indian 48% of HR managers provide growth opportunities to their internal employees. India Believe in “helping employees develop the skills they need for the jobs of the future” They Business Standard. report, Read more of today’s headlines:

Also Join the OpenAI competitors!

Microsoft announced an artificial intelligence partnership with Microsoft AI, reducing the software giant’s reliance on ChatGPT maker OpenAI. Mistral Everything about it Read.

here Application within ten years! No Launched a smartphone concept that relies on artificial intelligence rather than apps to meet user needs. CEO predicts apps will be obsolete in 5-10 years. Deutsche Telekom There are interesting details in this article. Some come out Check.

here Plans to relaunch its AI image generation tool in a few weeks. Google Interrupted due to serious error in history. It all Know.

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