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5 things about AI you may have missed today: Assam launches AI flood app ‘RAHAT’, Chinese youths turn to new AI game

Assam launches AI flood app ‘RAHAT’ for disaster relief; Young Chinese turn to AI game for lunar new year family prep; Half believe AI to amplify hacker attacks: Report; OpenAI CSO touts India’s AI potential at Global Business Summit 2024- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. Assam launches AI flood app ‘RAHAT’ for disaster relief

AI-powered app “RAHAT” launched in Assam’s Cachar district to combat floods, facilitating connectivity among people, security forces, and government. It shares critical information for early warning, evacuation, and supply distribution in remote areas. With heavy rainfall patterns, the app aids in disaster risk prevention, response, and recovery, ensuring efficient dissemination of information even in data shadow areas.

2. Young Chinese turn to AI game for lunar new year family prep

AI chatbot game aid young Chinese to prepare for Lunar New Year family interaction. “Epic Showdown: New Year Reunion” simulates intrusive questions like relationship status and income. Developed in 24 hours, it gained 3 million users within a week, highlighting societal pressure. Despite initial skepticism, creators note its potential for improving family communication and fostering happiness, according to a AFP report via The Hindu. 

3. Half believe AI to amplify hacker attacks: Report

Half of people foresee AI empowering hackers for more attacks, per a report. 71 percent faced ransomware attacks in the past year, with 61 percent paying the ransom. Barracuda’s CTO emphasises proactive monitoring for early attack detection. Surveying 1,917 IT practitioners, the report reveals a $5.34 million annual cost for response to compromises, with 57 percent reporting cyberattacks and 48% suffering data breaches, IANS reported via News18. 

4. OpenAI CSO touts India’s AI potential at Global Business Summit 2024

OpenAI CSO Jason Kwon declares India’s potential for AI leadership at ET Now Global Business Summit 2024. OpenAI plans more developer conferences in India, citing its talented developer community. Kwon emphasises AI’s capacity to address real-world challenges, highlighting cost reduction efforts for Indian developers. He discusses the impact of ChatGPT and AI in agriculture, noting significant cost reductions and language barrier elimination, ET Now reported

5. UK AI Safety Institute exposes vulnerabilities in AI safeguards

UK AI Safety Institute warns of vulnerabilities in AI safeguards. Initial findings reveal AI’s potential to deceive, produce biassed outcomes, and lack protection against harmful information dissemination. The institute bypassed safeguards for large language models (LLMs), including ChatGPT, with basic prompts, highlighting risks of misuse for dual-use tasks and cyber-attacks. AI’s capability to generate convincing social media personas raises concerns, The Guardian reported

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