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5 things about AI you may have missed today: AI chatbots doing bureaucrats’ work in test, Tim Cook on AI, and more

AI chatbots are doing civil servants work in the UK to gauge how they fare in a productivity test; Apple plans to hire UK AI staff amid layoffs; Tim Cook discusses AI, apps, and iPhone gaming – this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. AI chatbots productivity test

AI chatbots are being used by the Department for Education in a trial to analyse lengthy reports typically handled by humans, aiming to increase Whitehall’s productivity. While the PCS civil service union did not oppose AI use, they stress the need for clear guidelines to ensure benefits are shared among workers. These advanced chatbots, powered by AI, can swiftly process information, including images, revolutionising work practices across various sectors. The government acknowledges their “significant implications” for future official tasks, according to a BBC report.

2. AI transforms geopolitics, says political scientist Ian Bremmer

Artificial Intelligence’s impact on geopolitics and globalisation is significant, according to political scientist Ian Bremmer. He believes AI can drive a new era of globalisation, benefiting areas like education and medicine while enhancing efficiency in various sectors. However, Bremmer warns of potential negative disruptions, emphasising the need for governance involving not only governments but also technology companies to address these challenges, CNBC reported.

3. Apple plans to hire UK AI staff amid layoff trends

Apple plans to increase its workforce in the UK, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) roles, in contrast to layoffs in the tech industry. CEO Tim Cook criticised the tech layoff trend, emphasising that hiring is a priority for Apple, according to a BBC news report. Other tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft have also invested heavily in AI. This move is seen as a vote of confidence in the UK’s growing tech sector, with AI expected to drive job growth in the short term, though long-term skills needs remain uncertain.

4. Tim Cook discusses AI, apps, Vision Pro, and iPhone gaming at Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed the company’s use of artificial intelligence (AI) during a visit to London. Cook highlighted the pervasive use of AI in Apple’s products, from fall detection to predictive text. He emphasised that Apple focuses on the consumer benefits of AI applications rather than labelling them as “powered by AI.” Cook also mentioned Apple’s cautious approach to generative AI, acknowledging concerns about bias and hallucinations while prioritising being the best rather than the first in this technology, Forbes reported.

5. Chinese artists boycott social media over AI-generated images

Chinese artists are boycotting the social media platform Xiaohongshu due to concerns about its AI image generation tool, Trik AI. According to CNN, the controversy arose when an artist named Snow Fish accused the platform of using her work to train Trik AI without her permission. Similarities between her artwork and AI-generated images prompted the outcry. China recently introduced regulations for generative AI, and while Xiaohongshu and Trik AI have not publicly commented, they privately apologised to Snow Fish and removed the contested posts.

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