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5 Clever Ways Your Amazon Alexa Device Can Help You on Laundry Day

Cleaning is likely a regular part of your weekly, if not daily, routine. From cleaning your washing machine to wiping down your bathroom to cleaning out your closet, it’s important to reset at the end of each week. And that means doing laundry.

You probably already know how useful Alexa is around the house, but have you ever used your Amazon Echo device to help you do your laundry? If not, you’re really missing out.

Here’s several neat ways you can use Alexa commands and skills to make laundry day easier. For more tips, learn how to best wash your sheets and bedding, and learn about these laundry symbols or you might ruin your clothes. And for all your cleaning needs, consult this cleaning cheatsheet for best practices.

1. Set laundry timers

If you can’t typically hear when your washer or dryer buzzes, get Alexa to notify you.

First, you’ll need to time how long each load takes in your machine. Rather than standing in front of your washer the entire time, check the machine after half an hour or 45 minutes to get a general idea.

Next, go into the Alexa app and tap the menu button (the three horizontal lines) and tap Routines. Tap the plus sign to create a Routine. With Alexa, you cannot just set a timer in a Routine, but there is an easy workaround. In the When this happens part of the Routine, select Voice, and then type in whatever you want to say to Alexa to start the timer — something like “Alexa, start my washing machine timer.”

Next, tap Add action and select Wait. Select the amount of time it takes for your washer or dryer to complete a load of laundry. Finally, tap Add action, Alexa says, and type in whatever you want Alexa to say to you when the time is up.

The next time you throw a load of laundry into your washing machine, start the Routine by saying the trigger phrase.

2. Get new cleaning tips

Don’t know how to clean something? Enable the Laundry Buddy skill so you can ask Alexa. First, you need to say, “Alexa, open Laundry Buddy,” each time you have a question. Then, you just need to ask your question.

Unfortunately, the skill doesn’t seem to answer specific questions about stains. It will, however, give you detailed answers on how to clean things like jeans, car seats and coats. If you have specific questions about stains, you can consult our stain removal guide.

3. Blast stains

Though Laundry Buddy doesn’t help with stains, the Stain Remover skill does. The skill has instructions for how to remove dozens of the most common stains, including wax, coffee and grass stains. To use the skill, say something like, “Alexa, ask Stain Remover how to remove coffee stains.”

4. Check for open washers and dryers

If you live in a dorm, some universities offer Alexa skills that you can use to monitor the availability of open washers and dryers in the laundry room. Some of these skills include Illinois Laundry Checker, Laundry Check and Terp Laundry.

A quick search for “laundry” and your university’s name in the skill search box should come up with the skill for your dorm if available.

5. Skip the sniff test

Can’t remember the last time you washed your sheets or your favorite hoodie? Just have Alexa remember for you using the Laundry Mate skill.

When you wash something, say, “Alexa, tell Laundry Mate I washed my [bedding/or other item] today.” When you need a reminder ask, “Alexa, when was the last time I washed my (item).”

Consult these guides if you want to know how often you should wash your sheets or clean your bathroom.



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