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Human Ai Pin: Tech behind this awesome AI-powered wearable

The Paris Fashion Show in October witnessed a tech-meets-fashion moment as artificial intelligence (AI) startup Humane unveiled its first-ever wearable device called Ai Pin. The Star Trek-esque combadge was designed by Humane, a Sam Altman-backed company founded by ex-Apple design and engineering team Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno. But what is it? The device is an AI-powered device that can potentially do all the tasks that your smartphone does, without a display, and that is why it is being touted as a “smartphone without a screen”. But what powers this latest tech innovation? Know all about the tech behind the Humane Ai Pin.

Humane Ai Pin: Tech behind the AI-powered wearable pin

AI is at the forefront of the Humane Ai Pin, which is bolstered by the fact that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman holds a 14 percent stake in the company. It is powered by an unnamed Snapdragon chipset and an AI engine which is likely to be GPT-4, although the company does not mention the name. As per the rumours, the Humane Ai Pin likely features Qualcomm’s XR/VR/AR lineup under the hood.

It, however, does mention OpenAI and Microsoft in its press release, saying, “Humane’s unique collaborations with Microsoft and OpenAI give Ai Pin access to some of the world’s most powerful AI models and platforms and set the foundation for new capabilities to be added as the technology evolves”.

Like a smartphone, the Humane Ai Pin features a 13MP ultra-wide camera, a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with wireless charging capabilities, and a dual microphone array. But unlike a smartphone, it does not have a screen. Instead, it gets a laser ink display that can display multiple elements such as text, graphics, and UI on your palm. The Humane Ai Pin also gets a touchpad with multi-gesture support that unlocks a bunch of functionalities.

The Ai Pin can be attached to a dress or a shirt via magnetic arrays, and Humane offers multiple attachment options such as a latch, battery booster, and clip, all of which need to be purchased separately.

Now that you know all the tech powering the Humane Ai Pin, can it really replace smartphones one day? The jury is still out on that. However, this latest innovation shows the tech prowess of not just the world’s big tech companies, but also the startups that are actively developing technology in a bid to move towards a brighter future.



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