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HomeMate WiFi Smart Switch Breaker | 16A, 3200W | Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri

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Price: ₹1490.00 - ₹588.00
(as of Sep 18, 2023 16:54:53 UTC – Details)
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Smart WiFi Switch : This device is an affordable 2.4G WiFi smart light switch that provides users with smart home control. It enables users to remotely control all the connected appliances, via the mobile app “HomeMate Smart”. Perfect for input wide voltage AC 90-250V lamp, ceiling fan, floor light, outdoor landscape lighting and other appliances not over 16Amp.
Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri: This switch module works with Amazon Alexa /google assistant & Siri by using “HomeMate Smart” App to control electric devices with your voice.


HomeMate Wi-Fi Smart Switch – Allows you to create customized schedules for your appliances so that they run on your schedule. You’ll find that automating your devices will help streamline your daily routine for a more efficient household. Provide you with perfect intelligence control solutions for your home or workplace. Perfect For Lamps, Outside Lighting, Existing LED lights, Fan, TV, Appliances, etc.

Control Your Device Remotely with Smartphone – By downloading “HomeMate Smart” app to your smartphone, you can control this devices wherever you are at any time.

Easy to Install and Easy to Use – Easy installation, easy handling and can be activated immediately. Smart scene triggered on/off by temperature, humidity or other condition.

Voice ControlControl From AnywhereFamily Sharing:
Voice ControlSupport Alexa, Google Assistant voice control. With the smart Wi-Fi switch, you can use simple voice command to turn On/Off your lights and other electronics, remote control your household appliances anywhere.Control From AnywhereWhen you have gone out and forgot to turn off the not worry, smart switch to help you. On/Off with “HomeMate Smart” APP. Wherever you go, the smart switch is under your control. Open the app at any time to check if the room appliance is turned off/on.Sharing and GroupingMulti-person control of one device. And multiple devices can be grouped. It is a good choice for the party or the other festival, just enjoy your time. It is not difficult for ordinary household appliances to become smart home appliances. HomeMate smart switch building a simple smart life.
timerNo Hub Requiredmanage electricity
Timing FunctionEvery single time-set those up on a schedule serve you according to your daily routine and preferences. Turn off the light after you go on the bed, or get a coffee even before you’re out of bed.No Hub RequiredThe switch breaker connects directly to your home’s WiFi network, eliminating the need for an additional hub or bridge.Energy MonitoringThe smart switch breaker is equipped with energy monitoring capabilities. It can measure and display real-time energy consumption of the connected appliances, helping you track and manage power usage effectively.
smartlife smart life
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How to Get Started

Configure “HomeMate Smart” App
  1. Search “HomeMate Smart” on App store or Scan the QR code to download and install it. Set up your “HomeMate Smart” account.
  2. Switch on HomeMate Smart Wi-Fi Smart Switch and Select add Device > Electrical Outlet and confirm the device in the App.
  3. Connect the plug to your local WIFI with your phone connecting to it.
Connect Alexa device
  1. Log in Alexa app, Choose skills in the options bar, and search the HomeMate Smart.
  2. Select HomeMate Smart skill and then click the Enable skill.
  3. When it prompt successfully linked, it means the Alexa account is linked with HomeMate Smart account.


  • Power supply: 90-250V AC
  • Security Mechanism: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
  • Maximum load current – 10A
  • Operating Temp: -20degree~70degree
  • Material: RF-ABS
  • Plug & play/Hassle free installation
  • Included mandatory accessories for installation in the box
smart breaker smartswitch

reset button

Tips You Must Know
  • Hold Reset button for 5-10 seconds to reset the device
  • Please ensure Input for Power supply and Output connections for Load.

Ready for the Smart Home

  • Compatibility: Supports Alexa and Google Home Assistant
  • Group Control : Control each Smart switch individually, or together as a group.
  • Save Electricity, Save Money : You can schedule the connected devices to minimize the energy use around your home.
  • No Hub Required: No confusing central hubs to set up here. The HomeMate smart devices simply connects to your home network.
  • Light Up the Festivals : Power your festive decorations the smart way.


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