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Google brings Assistant Quick Phrases to Pixel Buds Pro

Ryan Haines / Android Authority


  • Google has announced the Pixel Buds Pro can now use Quick Phrases for Google Assistant.
  • Quick Phrases allows Assistant to perform tasks without the voice prompt “Hey, Google.”
  • You’ll now be able to answer or decline calls just by saying “answer” or “decline.”
Tired of having to say “Hey, Google” to get Google Assistant to do anything? That’s what Quick Phrases is for and Google introduced the feature with the Pixel 6 series. Now the company is bringing Quick Phrases to the Pixel Buds Pro.

On the Google Assistant help page, the Mountain View-based firm announced it is launching the Quick Phrases feature for the Pixel Buds Pro. So if you’re using Google’s earbuds, you’ll be able to activate Assistant without having to wake it up with a “Hey, Google” first.

Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to use Quick Phrases to accept or decline calls — for now. To do this, all you’ll have to say is “answer” or “decline” when receiving an incoming call on the Pixel Buds Pro. Assistant will then answer the call for you or hang up on the caller, depending on your choice.

Although the Pixel Buds Pro is only getting one Quick Phrase to use at the moment, the company says it’s working on expanding “Quick Phrases to other Assistant capabilities that are currently available on the Google Pixel 6 and later.” However, the tech giant doesn’t say when these extra phrases will be available on the Buds Pro.

Quick Phrases supports up to six languages that including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. To enable the feature, say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings” and tap on Quick Phrases. From there, you’ll be able to toggle on or off each phrase scenario.



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