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Best Gifts Under Rs30,000 for 2023

Smart TVs

As far as budget TVs go, I’ve always liked OnePlus TVs partially because they came with better specs. The smart TV offers a sleek and premium look and also feels sturdy. The soundbar, placed at the bottom of the screen, also gets quite loud and delivers clear and crisp audio quality. Grab one of these OnePlus (43 inches) Y Series Full HD Smart Android LED TV 43Y1S for 21,999 before the stocks hit the bottom.

Ear Buds

The Wave 200TWS will give you all the freedom and advantages you’d want from a true wireless set. A touch from it allows you to manage both calls & music while simultaneously letting you interact with your voice assistants. JBL included Dual Connect to it so you can utilize either earbud while saving on battery life. It’s also extremely light and comfortable which is all thanks to its ergonomic shape and design.

Bluetooth Speakers

JBL’s Go 3 speaker delivers solid wireless audio performance in a waterproof, easily portable design for a low price. There certainly isn’t any powerful bass depth coming out of a speaker this size, but the Go 3 does its best to muster some rich low-end presence at higher volumes. It could have longer battery life, but for the price, this a very solid value.


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